Top Wedding Transport Tips

Getting your wedding transport just right involves a little dreaming and then a little planning. Here is our quick guide to a smooth ride.

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  • Booking your wedding cars: In the excitement of booking your car, don’t forget the other members of the bridal party. You will also need to arrange transport for your mum and the bridesmaids and the groom will need to arrange his transport with the best man. Consider also how the groom’s parents will be travelling there and give extra thought to your grandparents who may need some assistance with their travel arrangements too.
  • Wedding theme: Wedding transport should be in keeping with the rest of the wedding. If you’re planning a very sophisticated event, turning up in your dad’s old banger won’t hit quite the right note! A vintage car fits a vintage wedding perfectly just as a floral-decorated tandem fits an eco-themed wedding to a tee.
  • Clashing colours: The wedding car will be in many of your wedding photos, so make sure the colour doesn’t clash with the bride’s bouquet or the bridesmaids’ dresses – unless you want it to.
  • Wedding car decorations: If your wedding car hire company does not decorate the car themselves, discuss  buying your own ribbon for the front of the car well in advance. If necessary ask a reliable member of the bridal party to attach it to the car on the day. This can be surprisingly fiddly, so for a professional result, practice is essential.
  • Your own car: If you’re using your own car or borrowing one from a friend or relative, have the outside waxed and the inside valeted before the big day.
  • Hiring a wedding car: When hiring a car, try to see the actual model before booking or paying a deposit if possible.
  • Peace of mind: Always remember to confirm any bookings the week before the big day and take out wedding insurance – just in case!
  • Wedding car ribbon: For a stylish effect, colour co‐ordinate the ribbon on the car with your flowers or colour scheme.
  • Honeymoon luggage: If you’re going on honeymoon straight after the wedding, remember that you’ll have to take your luggage with you to the reception. Taking care of all these practicalities is traditionally the best man’s job, so liaise with him to ensure that all goes smoothly on the day.
  • Champagne on ice: Most wedding car hire companies have a bottle of champagne chilling on ice in the back of your car for a post‐ceremony drink as you are driven to your reception.

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