Creative Ways to Share Your Wedding With Those Who Can’t Attend

During these unpredictable times it can be hard to know what to do about guest lists. With social distancing to consider, along with shielding and vulnerable family members it might be a good idea to look at alternative ways to share your wedding with your nearest and dearest, and those who cannot attend. 

The good news is there are plenty of ways for your loved ones to enjoy every part of your wedding from the comfort of their own sofa – from live streaming to FaceTime, the wonderful world of technology will lend a hand when it comes to sharing your wedding ceremony and reception.


You may also find those guests who can attend will play an important role on your wedding day – from recording the wedding on their camera phones to posting on social media, you may find you have your very own paparazzi team ready and waiting to record and share every moment of your big day. 

Here are ten ways to share your small wedding, not only with those who can’t make it but also with those who can.

Live Stream Your Ceremony

If you like the idea of live streaming your wedding but have no idea where to begin – don’t worry there are plenty of companies available who will sort it all out for you. From setting up cameras to recording the day and installing microphones, all you will need to do is turn up and smile. 

Take a look at Live Stream Hire who offer a wide range of livestream options for wedding days and events. If you’re looking for a more DIY option take a look at Eventlive . Eventlive offers access to a simple live streaming app to use on the big day – just make sure you get the guest with the best camera skills to do this for you.

Hold a Zoom Wedding

If you want to share your day with loved ones but don’t want to be filming all day try going for something shorter like a family Zoom session during the speeches, for the first dance or perhaps the ceremony. This way you will be able to share your more special moments with those who can’t make it. Perhaps you could set up some Zoom sessions throughout the day to catch up with friends and family – just don’t forget there’s a time limit of 40 minutes if you use the basic free account. 

Head to a House Party

House Party is more of a social networking app which allows you to create a room where guests can come and go as they please via video chat. Guests can also play online games and interact with others within your own private online House Party. If you have younger guests who cannot attend this is a great way to hold a more relaxed gathering where your family and friends can join in their own time and see who else is in the virtual room to chat and play with. It’s a lovely way to feel connected throughout the day, why not schedule some guest appearances and share the timetable.

Use a Photo Sharing Service

Create a central place for guests to share their photos from the day! We love Wedding Photo Swap which allows you to create a private, personalised space for your guests to share photos both during and after your wedding. 

Simply download the app and invite your guests – perfect for both attendees as well as those who cannot make it to see a live feed of the day. The app also allows you to download, and/or order prints – a perfect way to see everyone’s photos instantly and privately. We also think this is a great way for the bride and groom to see the wedding through the eyes of their guests. 

FaceTime Your Big Day

FaceTime is the perfect way to hold those special private chats with loved ones on your wedding day. Choose times that suit you and those guests who cannot make it. Could you FaceTime your grandparents just before you walk down the aisle? Or perhaps on your way to the reception just after the ceremony?  Special moments such as this are never usually seen, so make the most of the situation and do something totally unique that you’ll cherish forever. 

Create a WhatsApp Group

Something as simple as a WhatsApp group can make those who cannot attend feel included on your big day. Assign members of the group to post throughout the day, perhaps the head bridesmaid or the best man. It’s the perfect way to share photos, messages and voice notes – you could even have a livestream of the messages somewhere in the reception so everyone can see who is making contact sending their best wishes. 

Create a Wedding Hashtag

If you have lots of social media users amongst you why not create a hashtag for everyone to follow on Instagram or Twitter. This way you and your guests (near or far) can easily see all the photos from your special day. Simply search for your hashtag to see a live feed of photos. Just make sure your guests adjust their privacy settings, unless you’re happy for the photos to be available publicly.

Hire a Videographer

A beautifully filmed and recorded video of your wedding day is truly something to treasure. Not only will you love looking back and reliving the special moments, it’s also a lovely gesture to send the video to those who couldn’t make it. Videographers can often capture some of the most lovely moments, you could even ask them to include some video messages from those who couldn’t attend. 

Print a Photobook

If you have guests unable to attend who are not ofay with the latest technology, you might want to look at creating a simple photo book for them. A photo book can be quickly and easily made online and sent directly to the recipient – try creating a coffee table style book or go for an instant-photo style scrapbook for something special. We love PhotoBox for it’s simple and easy to use photobook service. 

Make a Private Facebook Group

Create a Facebook group leading up to and during the wedding for guests (present or not) to share photos, messages and information. You can even try out Facebook’s latest feature – Messenger Rooms, which allows up to 50 people to video chat for an unlimited time, you don’t even need a Facebook account to attend. This would work well throughout the day for guests present or not, to join in the fun and conversations. 

Create a Wedding Website

A wedding website can be a lovely way to share information, photos and details of the big day. Many companies will help you to create your own domain, along with your own private email address for all things wedding.

With so many ways to stay connected, social media and photo sharing apps have become a true lifesaver during these times. Not only can you reach out to loved ones all over the world, it’s the perfect way to ensure everyone feels included and considered. 

If your wedding day has been postponed during the pandemic, take a look at some of our favourite cancelled wedding gift ideas.

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