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Most newlyweds wish they’d done something differently after the event. You might wish you’d gone for a band instead of a disco, opted for a simpler colour scheme, or simply worn more comfortable shoes. Here’s how to make sure you avoid the things most couples wish they had done differently and have a wonderful wedding day without regrets.

Lisa and Ben's Real Wedding |
Image courtesy of Lisa and Ben’s Real Wedding

1. “I didn’t get to speak to everybody”

Consider having a receiving line, so you can greet everyone at your wedding. Another idea is to get the best man to ask everyone to remain in their seats, post speeches and before the cake cutting, so you can visit each table. Otherwise, ask your chief bridesmaid to remind you to circulate at the beginning of the evening reception, because believe it or not, it may well slip your mind.

2. “I wish we had planned the wedding we really wanted”

Many couples save for months and still cut corners in every area of their wedding planning. Others end up organising the wedding their parents wanted rather than following their own dream. They might make compromises on a cheaper wedding dress, venue or entertainment, only to wish they had gone for it and had the wedding of their dreams after all. If your budget is tight then it is prudent not to overspend and go into debt. Identify the most important part of the wedding for both of you – whether that’s the venue or the catering, having a live band or wearing amazing outfits and cut corners elsewhere so you can focus on what’s most important to you.

3. “I wish we had taken a risk after all”

Most couples who long for an alfresco wedding go abroad to ensure all day sunshine but there are many couples who dream of getting married in their hometown and holding their ceremony and reception in the open air. If you want to book an outdoor wedding or an open-top double decker bus for all your guests to travel in then go for it, but do have a plan b just in case, and do invest in some pretty bridal brollies if there is rain forecast. Just remember it’s meant to be good luck if it rains on your wedding day, and you never know, the weather could be perfect warm sunshine all day.

Umbrellas at Lisa and Ben's Real Wedding |
Image courtesy of Lisa and Ben’s Real Wedding
At the seaside for Lisa and Ben's Real Wedding |
Image courtesy of Lisa and Ben’s Real Wedding

4. “I wish we hadn’t got into debt for our wedding”

For every couple who had regrets about not pushing the boat out, there are others who regret doing just that. Going into debt to have your wedding just as you want it will mean having to pay back more in the long run. Better to save up before the wedding, stick to a realistic budget and start your life together debt-free and with peace of mind.

5. “I wish we had booked a professional photographer”

After 14 years in the wedding industry this is the one I hear the most. Even in our digital age of smart phones with decent quality cameras, there is nothing like having an experienced professional photographer cover the most important event of your whole life. Their talent for making you look your absolute best and finding the most amazing and artistic lighting and compositions will capture your day forever.

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Images courtesy of GWS Photography

6. “I wish we’d had a professional videographer”

A wedding video brings your memories to life even more than an album of amazing photos so it’s worth considering hiring a videographer for the day or even just part of the day. If you can afford it, a professional wedding videographer is worth every penny.

7. “I wish we had booked a better honeymoon”

Unless you’re really strapped for cash, make your honeymoon a holiday to remember. It only happens once, after all. So many couples regret scrimping on their honeymoon and the cost of a little more luxury is likely to be a small part of your overall wedding spend. Now is the time to finally go five star even if you have never done it before and will never do it again. In fact, especially if that’s the case! And if you think you can’t afford the holiday of  a lifetime have a honeymoon gift list.

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8. “I wish I had booked a professional make up artist”

Some brides are adamant they want to do their own make up or hair while others are not sure just how good a professional make up artist or hair stylist is going to be. Read reviews and ask around for personal recommendations then book a trial. A professional will have the experience and all the best make up and we know you won’t be disappointed.

9. “I wish we had resolved our family feud before the big day”

Weddings can bring families together so if yours has been feuding for some time, your wedding could be the catalyst to get everyone talking again. Just try to make sure any issues are resolved before everyone is together in one room on your big day!

10.”The day seemed to go so fast, I can’t remember it!”

At some point during the day or evening, slink off with your groom and spend a few minutes, just the two of you, soaking it all in. Ask someone to take a video and make sure it covers the evening reception. Leave pretty little disposable cameras on the reception tables for guests to take pictures and make sure someone is responsible for collecting them at the end so you get a guest’s‐eye view of your day as well as the official portraits.

Lisa and Ben's Real Wedding |
Image courtesy of Lisa and Ben’s Real Wedding

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