Wedding Dress Shopping: 7 Tips To Perfect Your Wedding Dress Shopping Experience

So you’re working your way through the 11 stages of wedding planning and finally arrived at one of the most exciting, wedding dress shopping!

Your wedding dress is possibly the most important fashion purchase you will make in your lifetime, meaning getting it right can be a bit tricky. Your wedding dress shopping experience should be exciting and rememberable for all the right reasons.


You’ve probably already thought about what you want, scanned Wedding Style Collective for all the beautiful styles you can find, set your heart on a design or decided that tradition isn’t for you and began to look at bridal jumpsuits like these stunning brides.

With all that in mind, we’ve rounded up some advice from a couple of experts to help ensure you have the perfect wedding dress shopping experience.

7 Wedding Dress Shopping Tips for the Perfect Bridal Experience

Start Early

Give yourself as much time as possible before the big day. You may have picked the wedding dress you want soon after your first date; however, wedding dress shopping is a lot different from a quick trip down your local high-street to buy an outfit for the weekend.

Finding your dream dress, getting it made or delivered and altering it to ensure the perfect fit, all takes time.

Try not to get too ahead of yourself, bridal expert, Kelly from Roberta’s Bridal advises against starting the search before having a deposit to put down. It can be heartbreaking to fall in love with a gown that you aren’t able to reserve, only to find when you are ready, that it isn’t available. 


Nobody likes to talk about money, especially when it comes to wedding dress shopping but it is so important to consider it from the outset.

Have a think about how much you are able to spend on your wedding dress as a whole. Your budget should include the dress itself, alterations, bridal boutique fees and any added extras you may want like a veil or hair accessories.

Then stick to it! Working to fit your finances is nothing to be shy about, tell your stylist and ensure you stick to it by not trying on dresses above what you can afford. No matter how tempting it may be.

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By doing your research before you begin your wedding dress shopping you can save a lot of time, and time is something you’ll be valuing a lot more now you’re planning a wedding.

Check the boutiques you are visiting offer wedding dresses within your price range and have designs in your size. Double check if you need to make an appointment and if this comes with a fee.

You also don’t want to over-do the bookings, Daisy’s Bridal Couture’s manager Sam, suggests selecting three or four well-chosen boutiques and spreading the appointments across two days to ensure you have enough time. 

Those Joining You

You will obviously want your girls and some family members to be with you when you are wedding dress shopping and it’s great to get some different opinions, but as the experts at Serendipity Brides explain it is so important to remember that although you value their opinions, it is just that, an opinion.

If you feel like you’ve found your dream dress and you’ve fallen in love all over again, don’t let someone else put you off. It is your day!

Pre-plan The Day

It is easy to get caught up with all the planning and organising that you have to do on the lead up to your wedding, it can take away your free time and make it like another part-time job. So it’s important to remember that this should be enjoyable.

By pre-planning your appointment days you can make sure it’s an enjoyable experience for everyone involved.

Have a think about things like what hairstyle you want for your wedding day, what venue you are holding the occasion and what time of year it will be. Knowing all these things will help you think practically when you begin the search.

Don’t forget that during the day you’ll be in and out of dresses (with help of course), so wear something comfortable and practical. Nude lingerie and a strapless bra are versatile and won’t distract from any dresses you try.

Stay Open Minded

It’s important to remember that although we buy clothes and other fashion items based on taste when wedding dress shopping it isn’t quite the same.

Jo, from Because I Love You Bridal Boutique advises, wedding dress purchases are made by structure, so the shape of a gown plays a key role in how it will look, a good bridal retailer should be able to point you in the right direction towards a shape that complements you.

You can check out what wedding dress style suits you on Wedding Style Collective if you want a rough idea before your boutique visits.

By trying on a range of styles you can get a feel of how each design and shape is different. Trying on dresses from fit and flare to ballgown cuts will help you determine what does and doesn’t suit you. Remember, it’s good to find out what you don’t like too.

Stop The Search

When you find the one and by ‘the one’ we mean the dress of your dreams that makes you feel beautiful, elegant and ready to walk down the aisle, then it’s time to stop looking.

You’ve got tonnes to organise (like the perfect wedding shoes) and prepare without looking for something better and over thinking your choice.

Snap a picture of your chosen dress to keep it fresh in your memory. It’s also a good reference for make-up artists and hair stylists when perfecting your wedding look.

If you need further inspiration to complete your look these wedding makeup styles are beautiful for your special day.

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