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10 Top Wedding Makeover Tips from The National Wedding Show

As another busy day at The National Wedding Show in Earl’s Court draws to a close, our editor sneaks back to the quiet confines of her hotel room to share a video captured at the event. Watch along as leading bridal experts, designers and stylists share 10 Top Wedding Makeover Tips. If you can’t view the video, scroll to the bottom where we’ve recapped them for you. Enjoy!

10 Top Wedding Makeover Tips from The National Wedding Show


  1. Ideal Dress Shapes Choosing a dress for your shape will accentuate your curves and flatter your figure
    A-line skirt: nips in the waist
    Ballgown: great for castle weddings; full skirts
    Corseted back: really pulls you in at the waist
    Empire: high-wasited bodice; length gives illusion of height
    Sleek: great for if you’re tall
  2. Ideal Necklines Necklines are very important because they shape your face and shoulders
    Deep V: great for smaller cup sizes; full cup sizes should avoid
    Sweetheart: great if you have a fuller cup
    Halterneck: great if you have broad shoulders
    Classic strapless: great for all sorts of body shapes and cup sizes
    One-shoulder: suits a lot of women
  3. Dressing for Your Theme Ways to get your dress to reflect your wedding theme
    Kaftan style: relaxed; vintage feel; great for beach weddings
    Evening gown: opt for a dress you could wear again such as a black dress
  4. Vintage Perfect dresses for a marquee style wedding
    Silk & Satin’s lace 1920s style
    Katya Katya Shehurina lace 1950s style
    Coast at Debenham’s classic A-line
  5. Colour Choose colours that suit you; don’t be afraid to get married in a bold colour
    Blush colours compliments a lot of skin tones
  6. Accessories Inject your personality and confidence into your day by focusing on the details
    Halterneck dresses: don’t wear big necklaces
    Strapless dresses: big necklaces are perfect
  7. Bridesmaids Think about dresses that work and can be made uniform
    Go for one colour on your bridesmaids to keep it simple. Two Birds at Ellie Sanderson’s boutique is brilliant for bridesmaids because it suits a variety of body shapes.
  8. The Bouquet Tips for getting longevity out of your bridal flowers
    Don’t put your bouquet or button holes in the fridge; they will die
    Dab the bottom of your bouquet with a cloth to dry it
    Keep the posy central to your body so that the photo is straight on at the bouquet
  9. Shimmer Use shimmer over your arms, chest to match your face to your body
    Apply the shimmer either before or after you put your dress on, depending on your dress style
    Warm the shimmer in your hands and brush across the skin for a beautiful glow
    Shimmer will pick up on any natural highlights and contour your skin without you needing to do anything specification
    Use shimmer beneath your foundation as a primer
  10. The Veil Tips for wearing your veil
    Position the veil depending on the neckline of your dress
    Backcomb your hair and apply a texturizing dust before inserting the dress

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