Wedding planner who planned her own wedding

I’m a Wedding Planner and This Is What I Learnt From Planning My Own Big Day

It’s a dream job, being a wedding planner. You get to have a hand in so many couples’ special days and share the magic of marriage on a daily basis. Most wedding planners know all there is to know about getting married…until they plan their own weddings!

Charlotte Ricard, wedding planner and founder of La Fete, learnt a few new things when she planned her own wedding (and she actually had two weddings in one year!). Here she shares with us the five lessons that planning her own big day taught her…


Wedding planner who planned her own wedding

Five Lessons a Wedding Planner Learned From Her Own Wedding

Trust Your Instincts

When planning your own wedding you often forget to follow your gut.

You let yourself get swayed by your partner, your parents, your in-laws, the weather, the mood and anything else at that point that has an opinion. Well, don’t! It’s so much easier to follow the general mood and opinion, which means no fighting, no arguing.

However, sometimes you have to just follow your gut, stick to your opinion and go with what feels right. Because at the end of the day, you and your partner are the ones that need to be happy and feel content

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Hire a Wedding Planner

Many people think that they can manage their wedding by themselves, I mean I even did! As a planner, I thought that I didn’t need anyone.

But I did! Believe me, it was the best thing I ever did. She managed the whole day, all the logistics: the build-up, the day itself and obviously the all-important timeline! She allowed me to enjoy my day to the fullest and I didn’t have to worry about the plugs not working, traffic jams, missing items etc.

Details Do Make a Difference

Details are truly important and make all the difference, and believe me on the day you will be glad to see them, and appreciate them amongst the chaos of everything!

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I always hear people say that no one will notice the smaller things, but they do – they absolutely do! Two years on from my wedding and our guests still remind me regularly of the details we had. A little can truly go a long way.

Offer Transport Options

If you are asking people to come to your wedding, then my advice would be to make their lives as easy as possible.

They are obviously coming because they love you, but the easier you make the trek there, the better their mood will be once they arrive. And even better, they will stay for longer for the party and leave with no drinking and driving risk! From a bride’s point of view, it also means that you control everyone arriving on time…

Have a Wedding Website

As much as your guests are intelligent and independent adults, they also are sources of constant questions and will feel that asking you and your partner where to book their hair appointment is absolutely appropriate somehow.

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So make sure to build up a great website with details not only about the wedding, but also about the hotels, accommodation, hairdressers, shops, tourism, etc.

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