Wedding Traditions and Superstitions: 13 Things You Never Knew About Weddings

Wedding traditions and superstitions have played a huge part in weddings for hundreds of years.

On your wedding day, the most personal and happiest day of your life, you might want to look at what everyone has done before to perfect the day.


If you’re a bride-to-be you’ve probably searched for your something blue, asked to borrow an item from a happily married woman, bought yourself something new and found yourself something old.

But do you even know what some of this stuff is meant to mean or why you do it? Thought not.

If you’ve been following our wedding planning guide then you’ll love these wedding traditions and superstitions that we think you need to learn about before your big day.

Wedding traditions and superstitions

13 Wedding Traditions and Superstitions You Need to Know Before Your Wedding Day

Staying Apart Before the Ceremony

When marriage was based on business rather than love, the future bride and groom weren’t allowed to see each other before the ceremony for fear either would pull out of the arranged marriage.

The groom’s family would pay for the woman’s hand in marriage and the father of the bride-to-be would then ‘give away’ his daughter at the altar.

It has now been deemed as unlucky to see each other in the hours before you say ‘I do’, but considering you’re marrying the love of your life and not partaking in a business deal, we think you’re fine.

Wedding traditions and superstitions:Not see each other

Your Selected Wedding Day

A lot of thought went into the day of the week that a couple chose to get married.

Whilst Monday brought wealth and Tuesday brought health, it was said to be unlucky to get married on a Saturday and the ideal day was a Wednesday as it was thought to be the best day of all.

Thankfully, wedding traditions and superstitions aside the most popular day for a couple to now get married is a Saturday.

Bonus, you probably don’t have to suffer that sore head at work!

Wedding traditions and superstitions: Father of the bride

If you haven’t picked a wedding venue yet you should check out these stunning stately homes situated around the UK.


As one of the most popular on this list of wedding traditions and superstitions, most bridal parties include bridesmaids.

Most females will have considered who’s going to help them prep and plan their big day, the girls who will walk down the aisle with you and ensure your outfit is perfect.

However, planning hen parties and fixing the bride’s veil weren’t always a bridesmaid’s duties.

Their most important duty was to stand as a distraction to any evil spirits that may wish to harm the bride.

Bridesmaids originally were dressed the same as the bride so any evil wrongdoers were confused as to who the bride was.

Wedding traditions and superstitions: Bridesmaids

We’ll definitely be putting our bridesmaids in these gorgeous white bridesmaid’s dresses now.

Veil of Protection

Everyone loves to accessorise on their wedding day and you’ve probably always thought a veil is the ultimate wedding accessory, not a shield from evil spirits like it was once considered.

Way back before your biggest worry was someone Instagramming your dress before the evening guests arrive, brides had to stress about being attacked by evil spirits! This adds a new meaning to wedding stress…

Wedding traditions and superstitions: Veil

To the Left

Every little detail has been carefully considered before a wedding takes place.

Anyone who’s ever had to complete a reception seating plan knows the complications and importance of making sure everyone’s in the right place.

That even goes for the side which the bride and groom stand when saying their vows.

Traditionally the bride always stands to the left of the groom in order to leave the groom with his right hand free, known a long time ago as his sword hand.

When asking for any objections, it was expected that possible suitors would attempt to steal the bride and that the groom would need to be able to protect her and fight them off.

We know what you’re thinking- what if that’s not our good side?!

Wedding traditions and superstitions: Bride to the left

Old, New, Borrowed and Blue

You will have all heard of this wedding tradition, but the details are important if you’re wanting to get it right.

You should carry or wear something old on your wedding day to resemble your past, like a family heirloom.

Something new represents your future life and the path you’re about to take with your partner.

You should borrow something from someone who is happily married, it’s alleged that the item will bring you good luck for your marriage, whilst a touch of blue resembles love and fidelity.

Wedding traditions and superstitions: Something blue

If you’re still looking for your something blue these gorgeous blue wedding shoes might be the answer!

A Silver Sixpence in Your Shoe

Following on from something old, new, borrowed and blue is a silver sixpence in your shoe.

The sweet touch is meant to bring the happy couple wealth and happiness throughout their married life.

It was traditionally a sign that the bride’s father wished for the couple to have good fortune and prosperity.

Wedding traditions and superstitions: Sixpence

These stunning flat wedding shoes are perfect for your big day, one’s even got a sixpence ready for you!


Groomsmen- a couple of the groom’s family and friends that have been selected on the basis they will throw him the best stag party. Right?

Well, that never used to be the case. A groom selected his groomsmen based solely on their sword skills. The best man was actually just the best swordsman that would be able to protect the bride and groom during the ceremony from any potential threats.

Wedding traditions and superstitions: Groomsmen

We’ve got tips for perfecting the best man’s speech considering that’s now his hardest job.

Mirror Mirror on the Wall

We love the idea of wedding traditions and superstitions, but we aren’t sure we could stick to this one.

It is known to be unlucky for a bride-to-be to see their completed bridal look before saying ‘I do’. That means no looking in the mirror just before you walk down the aisle.

Although it doesn’t say you can’t leave a bobby pin to slip in at last minute to complete your look.

Wedding traditions and superstitions: Mirrors

Bridal Bouquet

A bouquet wasn’t originally held and paraded down the aisle because it looked pretty, they were formally used to mask the bride’s odour.

Before gorgeous bridal perfumes existed, strong herbs and potent flowers were used as a replacement. Rumour had it that certain herbs like garlic also warned off evil spirits too.

Wedding traditions and superstitions: bridal bouquet

You’ll love these beautiful bridal bouquets if you are wanting a pretty bouquet rather than garlic and herbs.

Over the Threshold

Evil spirits played a big part in shaping our wedding traditions and superstitions.

Traditionally a bride was carried over the threshold of the newlywed’s house or accommodation as the soles of her feet were known to be at the greatest risk of evil.

You’ll be happy to just kick off your shoes after dancing the night away!

Wedding traditions and superstitions: Lifted over the threshold

Wash Away the Tears

It’s okay to cry. It’s actually said to be helpful for your future life to cry on your wedding day.

A bride that cries whilst getting married is thought to have no tears left for married life.

Just remember your waterproof mascara and setting spray so your makeup doesn’t run.

Wedding traditions and superstitions: Crying bride

If you’re planning on creating your own bridal makeup you’ll need more than a waterproof mascara, check out these makeup tips for your wedding day.

Itsy Bitsy Spider

As far as wedding traditions and superstitions go we feel that this is the least popular, and you’ll see why.

According to ancient traditions, finding a spider in or on your wedding dress during your big day brings good luck to the couple. So much so, a spider would be put into the hem of a wedding dress beforehand.

No thank you.

If you aren’t planning on sticking to tradition then these unique unity ceremonies could really bring something different to your wedding.


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