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We’re Engaged! So What Happens Next?

Congratulations! You’re engaged! Right now you’re probably buzzing on adrenaline but also a little unsure what to do besides staring at that new rock on your finger and wanting to shout ‘we’re engaged!’ from the rooftops.

We’ve made a list of post-engagement dos and don’ts, from planning your engagement party to thinking about choosing a wedding venue, so sit back, relax and enjoy one of the happiest feelings in the world.


Couple getting engaged

We’re Engaged! But Now What?

Tell Your Mum Before You Tell Instagram

Whilst you’re probably eager to set that ‘we’re engaged!’ Facebook status, make sure you let your nearest and dearest know your news before you post it online. You don’t want your mum’s neighbour, or worse, the woman she never seems to be able to avoid in the supermarket, to tell her your big news before you get a chance to yourself.

This point isn’t only one of etiquette; it’s so magical to see your family and friends’ faces light up with joy when you tell them you’re engaged, so put down your phone and hold off from publishing your news social media until your closest people know first.

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Get a Manicure

Okay, so everyone you needed to tell personally knows your news, and now it’s time to tell your wider circle of friends. Whether you’re an Instagram addict or you prefer Facebook, that ‘we’re engaged!’ social media announcement is a must.

Before you get the perfect engagement selfie of you and your partner – with your new and improved hand at the forefront of the shot – make sure your nails are picture-perfect. A bridal manicure isn’t only necessary for your Insta-feed, everyone you meet will want to see the ring, so don’t let any chipped nails or a shabby paint job take attention away from your new rock.

If you’re unsure how to tell people your news, browse these methods of announcing your engagement.

Get Your Ring Insured

Woman wearing engagement ring

That new bling on your finger probably feels like the most precious and meaningful present you’ve ever been given, doesn’t it? Well then, make sure you get it insured. This isn’t the most exciting step on the list, but it’s one of the most important, because, trust us, losing your uninsured engagement ring would cause you a whole lot of unnecessary stress.

…And Resized

Is your ring a little loose? Now, we know it sounds like the worst and most unnatural thing in the world to take it off night now, but it’s better to get this sorted now just in case… actually, let’s not even talk about that.

Think About What You’ll Wear

Wedding Dresses by Wtoo Brides
Wedding dresses by WToo

Although this one isn’t as urgent, it helps to think about a what you’ll wear on your wedding day early. Choosing the dress that makes you feel more gorgeous than you’ve ever felt before can be a long process so why not have a browse of the latest wedding dress trends to find a feel for what you might be looking for later on?

Decide a Rough Date

After you’ve told everyone ‘we’re engaged!’, you’ll hear a lot of ‘when’s the wedding?’ Even if it’s not the date, it’s great to have a ballpark range to tell people. Everyone appreciates being kept in the loop so try getting together at least a vague answer for this one, even if it’s just, ‘we’re thinking next winter’.

Don’t Rush to Choose Your Wedding Party

Bride with her bridesmaids

It might feel like a natural next step to ask your best friends, the ones that you’ve always imagined there by your side whilst you’re planning your hen do and choosing your dress, to be your bridesmaids, but try not to make these promises just yet.

Until you look at the facts and figures, you won’t know how much your wedding will cost and therefore how big your bridal party can be. We recommend waiting a good few months before making any wedding party commitments, that way you’ll avoid any hurt feelings. After all, the average engagement lasts between 12 and 18 months, so you have plenty of time to let them know.

Already decided you’re not having a bridal party? Here’s how to tell your friend she’s not your bridesmaid.

Stay True to Your Visions

Bride and groom on their wedding day

Your wedding should be exactly how you’ve envisioned it, so try not to over-promise. Your mum might picture you walking down the aisle in a floor-length, traditional white gown and your dad may keep dropping hints about local churches in your area, but if you’re dreaming of a casual, boho-inspired wedding on a Greek island then make that dream your reality!

Are you dreaming of a wedding in Greece? Here’s how to plan a destination wedding in Greece.

Another thing no one tells you before you get engaged is that your recently married friends might suddenly become (quite opinionated) wedding-planning experts. There’s no doubt that your friends are suffocating you with their advice is because they want you to have the best possible day, but make sure that you take each and every opinion with a pinch of salt.

The best way to ensure your wedding is exactly how you pictured is to hold off from making any promises in the first few weeks. Whilst this is difficult, you’ll thank yourself for it later!

Remember to Say ‘Thank You’

Personalised thank you cards

So you’ve told everyone ‘we’re engaged!’, and now it’s likely that you’ll receive a lot of cards, gifts and other messages of congratulations, so don’t forget to send your thank you cards. If the number of messages you’re receiving is overwhelming, don’t worry about getting back to each and every one then and there, but try keeping a list and ensure you respond within the following month.

Research Wedding Venues

Cain Manor, Surrey

Cain Manor, Surrey

People are going to start asking you about wedding venue before you’ve even had a moment to think about it, so at least start having a browse at wedding venues in your desired area to get a feel for what you want.


So everyone’s getting a bit bored of the two of you screaming ‘we’re engaged!’ at them, and now’s the time to take a moment to enjoy it.

Here are three ways to celebrate:

  1. Throw an engagement party with the people who have supported your relationship and are rooting for your recent engagement. It’s also a great excuse for a special new engagement party dress!
  2. If you’re not one to enjoy having the spotlight on you, get away, just the two of you, and create more memories. This could be a trip abroad, a spa weekend, or a romantic UK-based long weekend. Check out these gorgeous UK mini moon ideas and continue making happy memories.
  3. Head back to the place you met or where had your first date and reminisce about where it all began.

Do you think you’re ready for the real wedding planning to begin? Here’s your ultimate wedding planning checklist.

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