What Grooms Should Expect When Planning a Wedding

Weddings are as complicated as love itself, even if you’re having a simple ceremony with your close friends; you will tear your hair out at least three times. If you know what grooms should expect when planning a wedding, then maybe we can keep the premature hair loss to a minimum.

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I hope you enjoy driving, because you and your partner will probably drive the length and breadth of the country, looking for the perfect wedding venue. You and your partner may have some pretty different ideas about the perfect venue, you may want a castle in the countryside and your partner may want an urban, city wedding. No matter how different your ideas are, you should always give their ideas a chance; who knows, you may find the perfect venue in the place you least expect it.



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The Confetti Budget Planner

Budgeting for a wedding is not only very important, but incredibly difficult. You and your partner should set a realistic budget, one that will give you the perfect wedding, but will still leave you with enough money to eat. An easy way to set and keep to a budget is to use a budget creator, like ours, here!

Guest List

Traditionally, wedding guest lists were driven by the couple’s parents and quite often consisted of a cast of people the couple barely knew. There’s no reason for this to be true of your wedding; regardless of who’s paying for the big day, your wedding guests should be people you want to spend the day with. There are no obligations about whom you should invite; have an honest discussion with your partner and be sure you both want everyone on the list to attend.

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Gift List

You and your partner may not have a gift list, but there will probably be an aunt who brings you a blender anyway. If you are writing a gift list, you may put down things that you believe you really need, or you may just put down fun things that you would like.

You may not even have a traditional gift list, you may have opted for an alternative gift list like those provided by Buy Our Honeymoon, giving your guests the option to help you and your partner have an amazing honeymoon. From charity donations or simply asking for cash, couples nowadays don’t have to settle for a traditional gift list; you don’t even have to have one at all if you’d prefer not to!

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