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If you don’t fancy arriving at your wedding in a big car with a white bow tied to it, then don’t.  There’s no reason to stick with tradition when you choose your wedding transport. You could fly in by helicopter or float up in a boat! Here are a few ideas of how to arrive at your wedding in style.

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The stretch limo

A stretch limousine adds a dash of Hollywood glamour to the proceedings, making you feel like a star. Alternatively, plump for a classic American car,  perhaps a 1950s Cadillac in a funky colour like bubblegum pink! Are you both sports car fanatics? If so, why not hire a spectacular set of wheels for the big day? Bride and/or groom could roll up in a racy Ferrari, Porsche, Aston Martin or even matching Mini Coopers a la The Italian Job!

Love and marriage, go together like a…

Fulfill your fantasies of the perfect fairy‐tale wedding by drawing up in a horse and carriage. Intensely romantic and very picturesque, this mode of transport is perfect for a country wedding where you won’t have to negotiate busy roads to get to the ceremony venue.

Choose a chopper

For an entrance worthy of a Bond girl, arrive by helicopter. This is not only a thrilling way to travel, it can also be very practical, especially if your ceremony venue is some way from your home or the reception. But this is one to avoid if you’re a nervous flyer, on a tight budget or worried about crushing your dress or messing up your hair!

Walk to your wedding

If you live very close to the ceremony venue, why not walk there? ‘My parents live in a tiny village where everyone knows everyone else,’ says Becky, ‘so on my wedding day, dad and I walked down the village street to the church. All our neighbours turned out to watch – it felt like a royal wedding!’

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Drive your own

If you’re passionate about your own car, why not use it on the big day? ‘I’ve had my VW Beetle for 10 years,’ says Louise. ‘She’s something of a personal trademark, so it seemed very fitting to arrive at the ceremony in Minnie, as I call her!’

Vintage cars

Planning a very formal, sophisticated wedding? A vintage Rolls Royce or Daimler is indisputably the most elegant way to arrive. They’ll also lend your photos a wonderful classic look.

Bridal boat

‘We had a Jewish ceremony by the riverside in the gardens of a beautiful hotel,’ remembers Hannah. ‘We wanted to do something really different, so my father and I arrived by boat. We didn’t tell any of the guests beforehand ‐‐ it was wonderful seeing everyone’s amazement when the music started and we came gliding up they could hardly believe their eyes!’

Scoot to the ceremony

Mark and Jenny, who married in Greece, decided to zip into their ceremony on Vespa scooters, hired locally. Fortunately, there were no rockers to fight with on the beach!


A white London taxi is an inexpensive, practical and very stylish way to be transported to your wedding. ‘Money was tight, so we opted for a white cab,’ recalls Siobhan. ‘On the day, people in the street waved and whistled, while other drivers beeped their horns!’


Image courtesy of Wild Weddings.com.

Biker bride with a twist

For a cute and quirky means of transport, you could try a vintage motorbike and sidecar. It may sound a bit George and Mildred, but if you’re planning an unconventional wedding, why not start as you mean to go on!

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