Winter Wedding Inspiration: Tips to Inspire Your Dream Winter Wedding

Considering a winter wedding? Get all the tips and winter wedding inspiration and ideas you need to plan your dream winter wedding day.

It is a common belief that big celebrations and events should be held in the summer seasons, yet the winter months make for a fantastic setting for special occasions. With white landscapes, a warm festive spirit, and cosy venues, winter weddings are just as memorable as others – if not more. 


The wedding team at Langley Castle have put together some top tips and advice for planning, styling, and decorating a winter wonderland wedding that both the newlyweds and guests will never forget.

Choosing a Magical Venue


If crackling log fires, snow-dusted gardens, and smoothly-lit ambience are your ultimate cup of tea,
then getting married in the winter is the best decision you could ever make. With this in mind, it is
crucial to find a location that can do justice to both the magical season and your special day.
Quite honestly, there are plenty of mesmerising options out there. For instance, why not consider
booking an atmospheric castle wedding venue? The bride and groom will be able to catwalk along
the historical corridors, taking in the castle’s majestic architecture and fairy-tale aura.
From wonderland-themed receptions to white, snow-like dining rooms, choosing the right venue
and decorating it in line with the season’s peculiarities can truly imbue your wedding with the winter spirit.

Arranging Wintery Entertainment


Once you have decided on the ideal venue, it is time to have a think about how you can bring it to
life. Whoever you choose to hire will become an integral part of both the ceremony and venue’s
aesthetics – so make sure you give entertainment some careful thought!
Wouldn’t a swing or jive band suit your wedding just fine? It would make for great music and might
even encourage guests to have a quick boogie between courses. Music will also be sure to keep your
guests nice and warm too, regardless of the frigid temperatures outside. Or why not get hold of a
solo saxophonist? There is nothing better than a soothing sax as you watch snowflakes dance in the distance.

Winter Clothes and Accessories


It is no secret that the winter season coincides with icy weather and low temperatures.
Therefore, stock up your wardrobe with heavier garments and warmer accessories. Linen shirts or
sleeveless wedding dresses might leave you feeling the chill.
However, if the dress of your dreams does not have long sleeves, do not panic – there are many
good options that will keep the cold away and exalt your outfit. A veil, a cape, or a faux fur scarf are
all chic accessories that will keep you feeling warm and looking elegant.

As for the groom and his groomsmen, velvet blazers could be a great alternative. Not only are they
snazzy and trendy, but they also protect from challenging weather conditions.

Beauty and Skincare Preparations


It is no surprise that you want to look your best on your wedding day. But the cold of the winter
months can threaten to disrupt your day by causing dry skin and chapped lips. The latter, in
particular, may also dampen the iconic ‘kiss’ moment that officialises the beginning of a new family.
Therefore, it may be wise to keep your face and skin moisturised in the build-up to the ceremony.
On the day, you may also want to have a lip balm at the ready to rehydrate your lips when they
don’t feel up to scratch.

Festive and Seasonal Food


What screams ‘winter’ more than a warming mug of hot chocolate? Your younger guests might like
to indulge in this sweet treat. For adults, what will kickstart the festive occasion more than a
reinvigorating glass of mulled wine? Whatever they prefer, you may want to consider setting up a
refreshment station where guests can refuel and treat their taste buds to some wintery delights.
To add a bit of spice to the drinks, you could offer attendees the opportunity to pour a tipple of
coconut rum, salted caramel vodka, or brandy into their hot chocolate. Also, supply this corner of
indulgence with chocolate truffles, toffee sweets, and red and white candy canes.
Undecided on what to serve your guests? A roast dinner is surely an option that nobody would
oppose. A delicious joint of lamb, cheese fondue, veggies, and the all-important Yorkshire pudding
will keep everyone both warm and over the moon.

Atmospheric Lighting


With shorter days and darker evenings, it is fundamental to give your party and your chosen venue a
cosy, hospitable ambience. A great way to create an atmospheric setting could be to sprinkle the
outdoor area with fairy lights and adorn the dinner tables with votive candles.
Do not be put off by the wintery, pitch-black sky at night. Why not complete the whole ceremony
with a dreamy lighting display of paper lanterns? It would be the perfect way to conclude a day to
remember. You may also want to place a basket full of cosy blankets at reception. This will allow
guests to pick their own coverings and wrap up warm as they enjoy any outdoor illumination you
may wish to surprise them with.

It is true that the winter season brings moodier weather conditions, fewer hours of daylight, and
withered gardens and landscapes. But do not be disheartened – there are infinite ways to turn your
big day into an unforgettable winter wonderland wedding.
We hope that this list of tips and advice on how to organise your winter ceremony will inspire you to
achieve the wedding of your dreams.


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