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Writing to Your MP About the Roadmap for Weddings: Downloadable Template

The coronavirus pandemic has affected the weddings industry for close to a year now, and there still isn’t a clear plan in place – couples don’t know when their weddings will go ahead or what they will look like.

Inspired by the UK Weddings Taskforce’s recent letter to the Government, which asked for clarity and support and was signed by over 80 cross-party MPs, we’ve put together a template that you can copy and adapt to send to your local MP to ask them to back the UK Weddings Taskforce’s campaign for a clear plan for the wedding industry.


Please do feel free to edit the below template to suit your circumstances, and mention local suppliers you want to work with too. You can find your local MP and their contact address here. Remember to include your postcode so your MP knows you are a local constituent:

Dear MP,

Re: Support and clarity for wedding planning couples

I am writing to you as part of a couple hoping to get married, on behalf of the UK Weddings Taskforce. It is essential that the next update from the Government, expected on 22nd February, will include information about the wedding industry. 

We need to know when weddings will take place again, or how long they are expected to be on hold for. Couples need to know how many guests will be allowed at their celebrations, and what these celebrations might look like. 

With clear advice on the plan for weddings, couples will be able to start confidently booking and planning their weddings, and it will remove the anxiety and stress that comes with having no idea if your wedding will go ahead or not.

It is also essential to provide support packages for wedding businesses who are unable to operate during this time – without the aid they need, they cannot easily refund cancelled or postponed bookings, making it challenging for everyone trying to invest in the sector. 

So far 84 cross-party MPs have lent their support to the UK Weddings Taskforce’s ask that a plan for weddings is included in the next update. Will you join them and help to offer clarity and peace of mind to the hundreds of thousands of couples affected by this?

I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely,
Your name

If you get a positive response from your MP wanting to lend your support, please do let us know by forwarding the message on to

For more weddings and coronavirus news and updates, be sure to check our COVID-19 & Weddings advice section.

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