£25,000 Wedding Budget

£25,000 Wedding Budget: How to Plan a Wedding on a Budget

It can be difficult to know where to start when it comes to wedding planning but the first thing you have to think about is your budget and what you can realistically afford. If you have a £25,000 wedding budget, then you’ve come to the right place.

Weddings cost thousands of pounds, so it’s important that you and your partner decide on a realistic wedding budget that you are both happy with before making any other plans.


Some people may only have a £15,000 wedding budget or a £5,000 wedding budget and that’s fine, but if you want to spend a little more than that, then we have step by step breakdown of how and where to spend it.

Wedding Budget
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£25,000 Wedding Budget Breakdown

Ceremony Costs £1,500

We suggest leaving around £1,500 for your ceremony. It only costs around £500 to get married in the Church of England but if you have a bigger budget it may be nice to have some live music during your ceremony.

A violinist, guitarist or singer can cost anywhere between £500 to £1,000 so it’s important to factor this in. It is also worth mentioning that there is an extra fee for extra copies of the marriage certificate, so make sure you keep money in your budget for this.

Wedding Ceremony

Wedding Venue Costs – £11,000

Your wedding venue will burn up a lot of your £25,000 wedding budget, but this is to be expected. £11,000 is more than enough to secure you a fantastic wedding venue although keep in mind that venue prices peak during the summer months due to popularity.

Wedding Venue

However, with this budget, you’ll be sure to find your dream location for your celebrations. and it could be one of these luxurious wedding venues that are fit for royalty.

Remaining wedding budget: £12,500

The Wedding Dress – £2,000

A wedding dress is a one-off purchase, so we say treat yourself and set aside up to £2,000. This gives you a little more freedom when it comes to wedding dress shopping and it will also give you more options to choose from.

We recommend heading to a bridal boutique when shopping for your dream gown. The bridal boutique experience is priceless and is certainly not found on the high street. Our sister site Wedding Style Collective offers an array of dresses for you to search through and it will also link you to a boutique in your area that stocks that dress. So all the work has been done for you!

Wedding Dress

Remaining wedding budget: £10,500

Photography & Videography – £3,000

With a slightly bigger £25,000 wedding budget you have the option of having both a photographer and videographer at your wedding but remember a lot of work goes into this so it will come at a costly price. Spending money on a professional photographer is a given on your wedding day but you may also want to think of hiring a videographer.

Wedding Photography

Whether this is a professional or not is totally up to you but if you have money in your budget we definitely recommend it. And if you need more convincing, then check out these top reasons why you should hire a videographer for your wedding.

Remaining wedding budget: £7,500

Accessories – £400

No outfit is complete without accessories, but this is one area in your £25,000 wedding budget that you can cut costs if you need too. £400 is enough to stretch far without making too many sacrifices. You may not be able to buy those Jimmy Choos that you’ve dreamed of but there are still plenty of designers out there with bridal footwear.

And if you want to splash out on your shoes then you can always cut back on jewellery. Start asking around for some family heirlooms on both sides and see what you can find. You can even use these as your something old.

Wedding Shoes

But before you make a purchase read our 17 life-changing wedding shoe hacks.

Remaining wedding budget: £7,100

Hair and Beauty – £300

Your bridal hair and makeup is another area where you can cut costs, especially if you have some very talented friends and family. You’ll want to have a few trials before your wedding day to get the look just right, but this will come at a cost.

A £300 budget for hair and beauty is enough to get one of the two done professionally so we recommend getting the other one done by a family member or friend, if not yourself. You know yourself better than anyone else so why not just go it alone!

Bridal Look

If you’re thinking of doing your own wedding makeup, then make sure you check out these essential wedding makeup dos and don’ts before you begin.

Remaining wedding budget: £6,800

Bridesmaids – £600

We recommend leaving £600 of your £25,000 wedding budget for your bridesmaids. Every bride wants their girls with them while they walk down the aisle and on the morning of the wedding, but this will come at a cost.

Depending on how many bridesmaids you want this price will vary, but we think £600 is enough. This will cover the costs of bridesmaid’s dresses but if your looking for ways to cut this cost back then consider buying the dresses from the same boutique you bought your wedding dress. Chances are the boutique will offer you a discount.


Remaining wedding budget: £6,200

Groomswear – £800

Grooms deserve a nice wedding outfit too, so we suggest leaving about £800 for this. Of course, if you are looking to cut costs then the groom can always hire a suit but if they want to treat themselves to a tailored suit then £800 will be enough to cover this.

And the good thing about a suit is that it can be worn on numerous occasions after the big day, so it really is an investment!

If a tuxedo is more your style, then check out these wedding tuxedo sizing basics for grooms.

Remaining wedding budget: £5,400

Wedding Cake – £400

This is one area of your wedding that your DIY skills could be put to use but if you want a professional to make the cake for your big day then we suggest leaving around £400.

£400 will cover the costs of a three-tier wedding cake that can serve up to 100 people. So, if your planning a bigger wedding this is what you should expect.

A wedding cake is the ultimate centrepiece to any wedding so it’s fair to say that you can spend a bit on it if your budget allows. So. Once you have the price agreed its now time to order a wedding cake that you and your guests will love.

Wedding Cake

Remaining wedding budget: £5,000

Wedding Flowers – £1,000

Whether you’re after a few simple bouquets for you and your bridesmaids or an entire floral arrangement for your venue, wedding flowers can be expensive.

Wedding flowers can vary in price depending on the time of year and the floral arrangement, but we recommend setting aside £1,000 for this. £1,000 of your £25,000 wedding budget will be enough to supply you with your dream arrangement, but if you’re trying to cut costs then you should consider reducing the overall size of your flower order.

Wedding Flowers

Matching your wedding flowers to the season is also a great way to cut costs and have better value for your money.

Remaining wedding budget: £4,000

Wedding Stationery -£400

Your save the date cards, wedding invitations, order of service cards and thank you cards all cost money, so it’s important to keep part of your £25,000 wedding budget aside for this.

Wedding Invitation

However, your wedding stationery is totally dependent on how many guests you have. We suggest that £400 will be enough to cover the costs, but if you find yourself struggling you can always get creative with our DIY stationery.

Remaining wedding budget: £3,600

Wedding Entertainment – £1,000

Wedding entertainment that ideas that your guests will love can come at a cost, that’s why we recommend leaving £1,000 for this. If you have a large guest list it can take a lot of effort to keep everyone happy, but with this budget, it should be possible.

You may want to hire a DJ for the evening party but you may also want a photo booth for those who don’t want to enter the dancefloor so it’s important to leave enough for both of these.


Remaining wedding budget: £2,600

Honeymoon – £2,200

So, you’ve planned your entire wedding and now it’s time for a holiday, but how much should you spend? We recommend anywhere from £2,000 to £2,220 for your honeymoon.

This is your first holiday as newlyweds so it’s important that it’s memorable. £2,220 is enough to get you and you’re partner to an exotic destination but if you don’t have any funds left in your budget you can always ask your guests for the gift of honeymoon travel.


Remaining wedding budget: £400

Extra Favours – £400

Because you have a slightly larger budget you can set aside some of it for wedding favours or any additional costs. It’s important to make sure you have some of your £25,000 wedding budget left in case something goes wrong.

Megan Fife from Ashleigh Money Saver says: “Read the small print! When you book a venue, photographer, makeup artist, or anything else for the big day, make sure you’re aware of any hidden costs. Is your photographer’s booking fee affordable? Could you find a makeup artist who doesn’t charge an expensive deposit? A great way to keep track of these pricey add-ons is to create a checklist in your diary, or even in your bullet journal. Hidden fees? Thank u, next!”

Wedding Favours

Now that you have your wedding budget sorted it is time to actually start planning! Make sure you have this ultimate wedding planning checklist with you along the way.

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