10 Tearful goodbyes – Henrietta’s Wedding

I’ve been back just over a week now from seeing RT’s family in the US. I’ve just about got over the jet‐lag which is no bad thing as we’re off out there again next week for the wedding of Dan and Cadence (Dan is RT’s best friend and one of the Best Men) They are getting married in Ohio and we’re really looking forward to it. We saw them last night (they live in London) and they seem so excited about everything, of course that got us even more excited and we’ve been emailing each other pictures of our honeymoon resort today ‐ just in case we’d forgotten how beautiful it’s going to be.

RT’s parents are starting to plan their trip to the UK for the wedding. They, together with some family friends are going to fly in on the Thursday before to give them a couple of days to acclimatise. All the other Americans are arriving at about the same time from the various states so I’m sure the celebrations will probably end up starting that evening.


One of the things which made me enjoy our trip all the more is the real “seal of approval” our relationship got from everybody ‐ his parents and all their friends whom he grew up with were so genuinely pleased for us. As his family live so far away it’s difficult to build a consistent relationship with them and get to know them in a way I would if they lived in the UK. I knew that we all got on, but this time they really made me feel part of the family. I also found out that on our trip in July last year when I first met them, RT had told his parents of his intention to ask me to marry him.

One of the things they are particularly excited about is the morning suits ‐ we went logged on to confetti.co.uk and found pictures of suits so they know exactly what to expect. Nearer the time we’ll have to get all the measurements so that we can arrange the hiring of them.

Talking about measurements, as part of my pre‐wedding preparations I’ve taken up with a personal trainer (well I have just come back from the US). Ryan (an Australian ex army boy) is no push over and has promised me that there will be no stray lumps or bumps come June 15th. I have to say that the first session has left me in agony ‐ so I just hope it’s worth it!

Whilst we were in Colorado we travelled up into the mountains for a couple of days to the town where we thought we’d have our US wedding next summer. No surprises that we’ve changed our mind about that ‐nothing in this wedding have turned out to be as I imagined when we started planning. What we’ve decided to do is to wait until the January (6 months after the wedding) and have the ceremony in the ski resort of Vail ‐ our UK family and friends are thrilled! I’ve never been to Vail but RT has and says it’s stunning. It will mean a lot of the arrangements will be done via the internet and liasing with his parents, but I’m sure it will be beautiful. The other lovely thing is that it will give us something to look forward to when all the excitement dies down from our actual wedding. It will also be so different ‐ snow versus blazing English sunshine (fingers crossed).

The photographer we’ve chosen rang last night ‐ we need to meet up with him again soon to finalise our contract and talk him through the day. We have to decide before then what type of and vaguely how many photos we want as we need to put a deposit down. We’re really pleased that we found him as he seems very laid back. More importantly the type of photos he had in his portfolio are exactly what we’re looking for.

RT got home on Sunday morning ‐ which meant we’d had a week apart. We left each other at Denver airport with him going all the way to the West Coast on business and me all the way to the East to fly home. As silly as it sounds we both had tears as we left each other at the gate. Having spent a week together, a week apart felt really hard. Still he’s home now and despite the fact he landed at 6.55am the champagne was popped open for breakfast!

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