Alex and Audrey’s Brighton Engagement Shoot

What I love most about an engagement shoot is the fact that it’s a chance for you and your spouse to work closely with your photographer to capture your love before the pretence of the wedding. And, for those of you who are a little camera shy, an engagement shoot is a great way to become comfortable in front of the camera. This is why we are sharing Alex and Audrey’s real engagement. This beautiful shoot is the perfect example of how to get it right. The two look every inch in love, relaxed in their own environment and having fun; and that’s all you need.

Alex and Audrey's Brighton Engagement Shoot |


We’re Engaged

We got engaged 10th October 2012, it felt amazing. Our relationship was very strong prior to it and once we got engaged, things just felt right. Being engaged did make a difference to our relationship at the time, it was one step closer to being with your loved one for the rest of your life, so it certainly made us stronger as a couple. We are inseparable now.

Alex and Audrey's Brighton Engagement Shoot | Same Sex engagement |

The Proposal

We both secretly came up with the same idea to propose to each other at exactly the same time on our secind anniversary. We worked on two totally different plans, then at some point Alex found out what I was up to and we had to come clean to one another. We ended up designing the rings together and going for a romantic trip to Barcelona. It was meant to be a surprise in the beginning but then of course it turned out differently for better.

The Rings

We have designed our own engagement rings with our initials in a circle. This way each ring had a half of the circle and half of our initials. Later on we also used this monogram for the wedding invitations. We exchanged the rings at one of the most romantic spots in Barcelona, Cascada de Gaudi. The weather was brilliant, blue skies and sunny, and we felt like two happiest people in the world.

Alex and Audrey's Brighton Engagement Shoot | Engagement photoshoot ideas |

The Photographer

Our engagement shoot did not happen until June 2014, but it’s better late than never, right? We choose Paola from Paola de Paola Photography for both our engagement and wedding, because she had already covered a few same-sex weddings and the pictures looked unique compared to other photographers that we came across online. We loved her style, the moments and emotions captured in the pictures and we also clicked on the personal level straight away. Paola is very friendly, understanding and professional, so we would definitely recommend her to everyone!

The Engagement Shoot

Our engagement shoot was in Brighton, as it was one of the first places we visited as a couple. We have a lot of special memories related to this town and we wanted this to reflect in the pictures.

The Big Day

The big day will be 12th July 2014. We took it easy after the engagement and gave ourselves plenty of time before making the final decision regarding the wedding, so the actual preparation did not start until January 2014. We are very similar in our tastes and style, so it was very easy to decide how we wanted our wedding to look like; simple, intimate and romantic. The difficult part was finding the honest suppliers who could do their job properly. It might sound cheesy, but we are just looking forward for the rest of our lives together. Every day we spend together is a bliss.
Alex and Audrey's Brighton Engagement Shoot | Sane sex engagement photoshoot |



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