Alison and Adam Real Engagement Story

My Fiance, Alison has always wanted to visit New York. It’s been an obsession of hers ever since she was able to say the words “Empire State”. I remember the first time I met her parents and her bedroom was filled with posters and photo’s of various key points in the City. We’re talking MAJOR obsession. Well, she and I have never really been….over-enamoured on the money front let’s say, so getting there had always been a problem. When I (finally) decided to take the plunge and ask for her hand I decided that it would be perfect if we could be in New York when I proposed.

This was impossible mission 1. You see Alison is kind of my accountant. I haven’t seen my wallet in almost 4 years (maybe that’s a bad thing). She gladly takes on the horrifying task of managing my finances, as well as hers, simply because she knows I’d probably faint if I ever saw my overdraft. Anyway, I needed to book a Flight for 2 to New York, book accommodation etc etc….all without her knowing….And you wouldn’t believe how difficult it was. Trying to make an excuse for a £5000 hole in my pocket wasn’t easy… I think she was happy to let it lie after I told her it was a surprise (she still tells me that she didn’t know it would be New York, or a proposal).


So the day finally arrived, and having told her the night before, she was, let’s say, a bit excited. We jetted off to the Americas (after an 8 hour delay) and before we could shake the blood back into our legs we were walking the streets of one of the most amazing places I have ever seen. The next few days went beautifully and we saw everything we could possibly see…except the Empire State Building. Every time Alison asked if we should go up, I managed to dance around it without drawing too much suspicion.

The final day arrived and we set out as early as possible to beat the queues up the building. Ring, firmly in my hand, I was sure that this couldn’t go wrong. And as we walked around the observation deck staring in amazement at the sights I slowly drifted behind Alison. She turned to see what I was doing, only to notice me… you guessed it… on one knee holding the ring.

She said yes, thankfully, and now we’re on the way down the aisle, still as happy as we were when we met 4 years ago.

Well that’s the story. Reading through it, I sound like i’m bragging…and I am. You see I’m not a romantic person by nature, but I really went for this. She’s worth it.

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