Aliy and David Real Engagement Story

I met David in 1993 when I was 13. The day I met him I knew I wanted to be with him forever. No such luck though, since at that point in our lives David didn’t even like the sight of me.

Well, 3 years later when my best friend and I discovered we could get into nightclubs, David finally noticed me. We have been together since. We moved in together in the June of 2001. It had been 5 1/2 years since the date we first meet. It was a struggle to encourage him to make even that move, so I knew I had no chance of marriage.


The bombshell hit when David told me he would be away for 6 six weeks over my 21st birthday. I was a complete mess. He left two weeks before my birthday, and I could not wait to see him. I made plans to visit him every two weeks. On my last visit to David in Pascara, Italy we decided to take a trip to Venice as it was only an hour away. The day before I wound him up saying that Venice was the most romantic city and that he had to propose while we were sitting on a gondolier. The joke was I knew once I said it there was no chance- I’d ruined the surprise.

Once we got to Venice on 05.11.01, we wandered around the shops and as girls do I could not help but look at all the beautiful rings. Then I spotted the most stunning, but cute white gold ring. I had to have it. David offered to buy it to say sorry for missing my birthday. This is when the games started. "But what finger would I wear it on. I only have this finger to spare" I said pointing to my engagement finger. David dismissed this and explained this wasn’t how he wanted to do it, and that we could not possibly afford to get married." I told him I would marry him in a shed, but still this didn’t work. David wanted to leave it until I was completely unaware.

I’d found the ring and I was in Venice, but if that was what David wanted I understood. We began to walk back to the taxi boat when from across the square "Here comes the bride" began to play. Someone else had the same idea as me I guess. Lucky them, I thought. "Oh sod it", David said dragging me to the jewelers, "there couldn’t have been a better sign. So do I do it now?" he asked. He then knelt down in front of St. Mark’s Chapel and said, "I love you very much. Will you marry me?" I cried so much. The next day I had to go back to England. It is horrible to leave your new fiancé, but two weeks later he was home. We are getting married in exactly two years on 05.11.03. I can’t wait to complete the story.

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