Amanda and Paul 2006 Real Engagement Story

One drunken night on a work’s night out I asked one of my colleagues if her husband had any nice single friends. I was fed up of being lonely and needed some love in my life. Little did I know that Mr Right was sitting at the other end of a text message! Joanne told me that she had the perfect man for me. His name was Paul and he was her husband’s best mate so he couldn’t be that bad. Three weeks later after hundreds of texts (and what I found out later to be the end of Paul’s spot nightmare), we met for our blind date. He only knew me as blonde and having seen a picture of Paul as James’ best man, I couldn’t remember a thing! I met this very nervous, nice looking and kind man outside Yates’ in Liverpool after knocking back half a bottle of Zinfandel and smoking twenty ciggies! We hit it off and had the best date in my entire life – a meal in a tapas bar (which was left untouched due to nerves) and drinks in a number of bars in Liverpool. I arrived home at 02:30 am in a sorry state but overwhelmed with this man. The next day I received a bouquet of flowers thanking me for a nice time and we’ve been together ever since.

We knew we were meant to be and decided to get engaged and married pretty quick. Our first date was on October 16th, 2002 and we got engaged on Valentines Day 2003 in New York! Paul walked me through Central Park to a small, beautiful garden called the Conservatory Garden and got down on one knee to ask for my hand in marriage. I said YES and he presented me with a 3 stone diamond ring. I was in heaven! The garden was glistening with snow and I was freezing cold with temperatures as low as minus 13 degrees but I didn’t care.


Our wedding is booked for April 24th, 2004 and we are enjoying every minute of preparation. I couldn’t have asked for a more romantic proposal or for a more perfect man!

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