Angela and Gerry’s Real Life Wedding

Angela and Gerry

How did you meet?
At my work ten years ago, his company did the telephone systems. He visited so much just to chat (even when we hadn’t got together as I never knew he liked me) that people actually thought he also worked for the company!

Describe the marriage proposal.
He proposed twice. The first time was very romantic and the second even more so. He took me away on a surprise mystery holiday (but had to own up as he’d lost his way!) and proposed at the Priory Hotel, Isle of Wight with a Champagne and oysters weekend. There was a pianist playing a romantic song whilst he dropped on one knee on Valentine’s Day!


How long did you spend preparing for the day and how was it?
We had lots of career decisions to make so almost considered postponing the ‘big day’. In the end we decided to go for it, leaving only two months to prepare for everything. Thankfully we had already booked the wedding venue!

What type of wedding ceremony did you have and where?
We had a beautiful ceremony at Fasque House, Fettercairn in Scotland. Everyone wore kilts including the english guests! Instead of walking up the aisle I floated down the double staircase with my mum!

Where did you hold the reception and what was it like?
This was also at Fasque. We had lots of fun, everyone was merry and we had some dancing and a buffet of traditional Scottish Stovies and Oatcakes with sandwiches.

Is there anything you’d like to change, with hindsight?
Timekeeping – I made it in to their books as the only bride who turned up at 7.30 am to deliver flowers and still managed to be 50 minutes late for the ceremony…but it was all good fun!

What advice would you give to couples currently planning their wedding?
Do what you want and not what everyone else wants. Even if you don’t like delegating things, do it, it makes a big big difference. I don’t know what I’d have done without my sister, and the staff at Fasque House, my family, my bridesmaids, friends…they helped me big time!

Is there any other detail that you would like to share?
My mum stepped on my train at the bottom of the stairs and I couldn’t move, I was very very calm…apparently TOO calm and blasé about the wedding… UNTIL I stood in front of my hubbie, then started hyperventilating slightly… lost my words and said I was marrying myself then burst into hysterics along with everyone else. His auntie and uncle who stood in place of his late parents had just celebrated their 44th anniversary the day before, so there were tears of joy all round – an EXCELLENT day!

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