Beccy and Andy Real Engagement Story

It was no secret between us or indeed to anyone else that we would eventually get married – we had talked about it often. Having been together since March 2001, we knew we wouldn’t get married until after I finished uni in 2006. I knew that Andy was going to propose at some point, but I didn’t know when. Having already passed the milestone of my 21st birthday, which I had an inkling might be the time, I wasn’t particularly expecting anything at any time soon.

We went on a fabulous relaxing holiday to the Lake District in June 2003. On one particular evening, we were sitting watching the sun set over Lake Windermere and he made a comment similar to ‘ you don’t get moments much more perfect than this…’. My heart stopped for a minute – I was convinced this was the moment…..but it wasn’t. I decided that whenever the proposal might happen, it wan’t going to be on this holiday. The last day of the holiday came, and we decided to go walking. Having got to the lake which was close to the top of the mountain, I was shattered and wanted to sit down and eat lunch. He was surprisingly insistant that we get to the top before we sat down – unusual of him to be so inconsiderate of my feelings. However, we compromised and walked a bit higher to a nice secluded picnic spot. Sitting looking out at the beautiful view, he asked me if I loved him. This wasn’t unusual and I answered in the somewhat comical way ‘yeah I ‘spose so’. My answer was quickly followed by a second question – ‘enough to marry me?’. Being blonde, and looking out at the view rather than him I just assumed this was a general question and responded with a very casual ‘yup’. He had to ask again before I really realised he was asking for real, at which point I burst into tears, threw my arms around him and gave him a proper ‘yes’.


He had managed to sneak out and call my dad to ask for permission first thing in the morning before we set out for the day. He had also been back to a shop where I had seen a pretty silver celtic ring and bought it to propose with. We went out and bought the traditional gold and diamonds on return from holiday, but I still have ‘the orginal’ as a keep sake. Could anyone ask for a more wonderful proposal?

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