Bridal Bouquet Ideas from Real Brides

Bridal bouquets are still a stable bridal accessory for brides. With 100’s of designs to choose from, finding the right one to suit your dress, your theme and most importantly your personality can be difficult.  That’ is why we’re showcasing our favourite bouquets from our real brides, giving you all the inspiration you need from your fellow brides.

Bridal Bouquet Ideas from Real Brides |


Traditional White Rose Bridal Bouquet

There’s nothing more beautiful than a traditional white bridal bouquet. Its simple, it’s elegant and will compliment your dress without taking the spotlight away from your dress.

Stylist tip: When picking a bouquet you want to make sure its the right size and shape. If its wider than your dress you risk it hiding your beautiful gown. Too small and it will be lost in the detail.

Bridal bouquet inspiration | Traditional white rose bouquet |

White Cascading Bridal Bouquet

Cascading bouquets are still very much on trend, and perfect for a bride looking for a traditional look with a modern twist.

Stylist tip: If you are having a cascading bouquet remember you can use a wide range of flowers including lilies, peonies, dahlias, roses and so much more.

Bridal bouquet inspiration | Cascading white bridal bouquet |

Brooch Bouquet

For brides who don’t want a floral bouquet, the brooch bouquet is the one for you. These beautiful bouquets are handcrafted from brooches in silver, gold, and studded with an array of coloured gems. For those who want both, brooches and flower you can! The combination of the two look amazing and won’t cost the earth.

Stylist tips: Use brooches to enhance you theme, for example vintage brooches are ideal for a vintage themed wedding. Keep in mind the more brooches you have the heavier the bouquet will be.

Bridal bouquet inspiration | Vintage brooch bouquet | Wedding bouquet alternative ideas |

Bridal bouquet inspiration | Flower and brooch ivory wedding bouquet | Wedding bouquet alternative ideas |

Bridal bouquet inspiration | Flower and brooch ivory wedding bouquet |Wedding bouquet alternative ideas |Burlap and brooch bouquet handle |

Rustic Wedding Bouquet

If you’re having a rustic themed wedding you’re unlikely to have a traditional rose bouquet, instead a great alternative is using dried flowers, creating a rustic, bohemian look to fit your theme.

Stylist tips: Rustic dried flowers make the perfect floral décor for your home, the perfect reminder of your wonderful day.

Bridal bouquet inspiration | Rustic wedding Bouquet | Dried floral wedding bouquet |

Wild Flower Wedding Bouquet

Wildflowers are one of nature’s real beauty, incorporating them in to your wedding is the perfect choice for vintage, rustic and even English garden themed weddings.

Stylist tips: Wildflowers are perfect for a bride wanting an eco-friendly wedding, make sure you source local wildflowers.

Bridal bouquet inspiration | Seaonal wedding Bouquet | Wildflower wedding bouquet |

Seasonal Wedding Bouquet

Although you can find your favourite flowers all year round, they come at price. Picking flowers that are in season can guarantee a budget friendly option.

Stylist tip: Using seasonal flower in your bouquet and décor is the easiest and cheapest way to bring your seasonal theme to life.

Bridal bouquet inspiration | Rustic wedding Bouquet | Autumn wedding bouquet inspiration |

Simple Hand Tied Bridal Bouquet

Simple hand tied bridal bouquets are elegant with minimalist effort. A few roses, hydrangeas and lilies, finished with a beautiful ribbon is all you need.

Stylist Tip: If you are a DIY bride this is the easiest bouquet to recreate. Using the right flowers, foliage and ribbons you can create the most stylish bouquet that is unique to you.

Bridal bouquet inspiration | Ivoy , lilac and pink rose wedding bouquet | Simple hand tied bouquet inspiration |

Personalised Bridal Bouquet

Personalising your wedding is a trend that’s growing and expanding to every inch of your wedding, including your bouquet. Our real bride took the opportunity to include a framed picture of her father, a truly admirable touch.

Stylist tip: Using a small frame and personalising your bouquet in this manner is your chance to have a loved one you’ve lost close to you throughout your special day.

Bridal bouquet inspiration | Personalised mini frame wedding bouquet |

Unique Wedding Bouquets

Every bride is unique and there is no reason why her bouquet can’t be. We absolutely love this bouquet made from felt, buttons and beads, it’s the perfect example of what your wedding should be, unique.

Bridal bouquet inspiration | Unique fabric and button wedding bouquet |Flower alternative wedding bouquet |

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