Carla and Simon Real Engagement Story

Simon and I met whilst I was pregnant. We became great friends over the
months that followed, I was already involved in a relationship at the time, so I
was young pregnant and happy. When I reached my fifth month of pregnancy, the
person I was involved with decided that he no longer wanted me or my unborn
child, and decided to up sticks and disappear without a trace. At the time I was
extremely heart broken, because of the way he’d gone about things. (At this point
Simon was away working and was away for a couple of months and I knew in my
heart of hearts that I would never see him again)

Anyway as time went on, Simon and I grew quite close but without the involvement, (the
friendship grew and grew). in august of 1999 I gave birth to a beautiful bouncing baby
boy weighing 7Ib 2oz, to this day ‘the donor’ as I call him/it/thing, has never seen my son,
been in touch, or even sent me so much as a penny. (well as far as I’m concerned, his loss was our gain.)


After I had my son, I had to face reality, that I was going to be a single parent, the
idea of this scared me more than actually giving birth. But we managed, I had
all the help you could dream of from all my family. I always thought after
that, that I was destined to be alone but my mum had her own opinions and
said that I would find someone and he would be right on my doorstep, (once
again at this point my mum had no idea about Simon and how right she would be.)

Once I came out the hospital with my pride and joy in tow, we finally
went home. There was so much I wanted for my new son, so, when he was 3 months
old I took on a part-time job working in a pub. Un be known to me Simon had returned
home from working abroad, and this one day I had gone to work leaving me beautiful baby
in the care of my mothers hands. When I got to work I had a lovely surprise waiting for me, yes
you guessed it, it was Simon.

I had been so preoccupied that I had completely forgotten about Simon. Well
when everything smoothed over, and the weeks went by Simon and I started to
get very close, we caught up on just about everything except for one big
detail my son. Simon had never seen the baby and although he asked quite a
few times if he could meet him I kept saying no, because I just wanted what
was best and at that point I explained to him what had happened and that I
wasn’t ready for him to be introduced to my son. I was still quite scared of
getting involved, and to be quite honest I just thought that because of what
had happened, that there was no way he would even consider taking me on as I
was a package deal.

But when Joseph was 6-1/2 months old I finally gave in, and they were introduced under my
watchful eye, they immediately bonded which I was quite surprised with as Joseph didn’t like men at all.
So again time went by and after that we started to get serious about the relationship.

It was late at night the baby was in bed everything was done, except for one
thing the dishes, which I was in the middle of doing. When out of the blue
Simon had put on a Lionel Richie CD and asked me to come in and sit down for
a minute, so hands covered in bubbles I went in and sat down. Simon then got
up from the chair knelt down in front of me gave me a huge cuddle told me how
much he loved the baby and me, then pulled out a little red box and asked me
to marry him. I was so overwhelmed that I started to blubber a little, (silly aren’t I.)
I excepted and gave him a huge kiss, and was then straight on the phone to my parents.
I was so happy.

Well we are finally making preparations for our big day, the baby is nearly 2 now, he calls
Simon daddy, and we are a very close family. I thought I would share a little of my happiness with you,
so thank you for taking the time to read this. I would just like to finish off by wishing all those
planning to marry or about to marry every happiness, and to all at confetti thank you for
being here without your website we wouldn’t have the first clue about where to start or what to do.

So thank you all again,

Carla, Simon & Joseph. xxx

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