Charene and Garry Real Engagement Story

After being together for going on nine years, we have a lovely home and two special kids. We talked about getting married, but never really had the nerve to ask each other, but I wanted this year to be special and hoped that the time had come in our relationship for us to married.I waited two months and then after hearing on the radio that they were letting women propose to their men on air, I decided to give it a try. I called in the morning and was ready to get it over with when I was informed that their was a competition to win a engagement ring, so I had to wait till 1pm when ‘Lunch time Loving’ was on air.The radio station called me at uni and informed me that I had won the competition and was I ready to go on air. I supplied them with Garry’s work number and hoped he wasn’t going to kill me when I got home. After a few questions on air, I got my chance to ask Garry as the whole of Fife listened in.I read a poem and here it is:

We’ve been together for so long,
We’ve settled down and made our home,
We have two children we both adore.
But you’re the one to make my heart sorrow.
So Garry will you marry me?


The radio station phoned Garry at his work and he was rather surprised. They asked him a few questions and I listened for his answer. Finally he said YES! On the way home from uni, I stopped in at the radio station and picked up my ring and then stopped to buy a single red rose. When I got home, I went down on one knee and asked him again and he gave me twelve red roses. So now we are happy and have set the date and things are on the rails. Not long and it will be the 17th June. I can’t wait to be Mrs Garry Clark!

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