Charlie and Marc Real Engagement Story

It was Valentines day 1997, I was in my third year at university and i’d been seeing Marc for just over a year. In the morning I gave Marc his home made valentine card and pressie and eagerly waited for mine but instead he told me to go college and await further instructions there.

I arrived at Uni to find an email which had a clickable URL within in. I clicked the URL and came to a web page with an animation on it which said ‘IF I ASKED YOU TO MARRY ME WHAT WOULD YOU SAY ?’ Well i started screaming and shouting and telling everybody and in the meantime Marc was sitting waiting for an answer. Well he waited and he waited thinking that it was going to be bad news and eventually phoned me to ask what was going on, so I said "maybe" – after all he hadn’t actually asked me.


I spent the rest of the day with a big grin on my face and was looking forward to going out to dinner where he could pop the question, we had booked a restaurant down on the south side of the embankment really close to The Globe Theatre. When i got home at about 6ish Marc was there and as we gradually started talking about today’s events it became apparent that he was trying to back down with sentences like "well i was only asking you to see what you would say" & "I wouldn’t want you to take it the wrong way" and I started to become very disappointed.

We caught the tube down to London Bridge and started to walk towards the restaurant, we walked past the Golden Hinde which is moored down just under London Bridge, we went for a quick drink in a pub on the corner and sat next to a fire, then we started walking past the Globe Theatre and all of a sudden Marc got down on one knee and asked me to marry him, he was so nervous and i giggled because he’d been tricking me all this time after all.

Of course I said yes, and we went to the French restaurant and ate oysters apparently although i don’t remember them, and we drank lots of expensive wine and then on the way home we gave a homeless fella some money and told him that we’d just got engaged and he congratulated us.

Now three years later it’s 12 days until i get married, had my hen day last weekend which incidentally was a picnic down the river followed by a visit to the Globe Theatre and party boat up and down the river all night.

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