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Charlotte and Andrew Real Engagement Story

Date of proposal


How old were you both when you got engaged?

I am 32 and he is 27

Who proposed?

He did

How did your partner (or you) propose?

It was sooooo romantic! He is romantic but not the classic sense of the word, so any talk of marriage never hinted what he had planned! I wasn’t expecting a proposal for at least another year and I thought it would be more casual.. ie watching tv one evening.. he leans in and says ”so, you fancy getting married then?” or something equally inspiring!! But I was to be proven wrong! Here’s how it actually happened… To give a bit of background on the significance of the proposal: I absolutely love Christmas and tradionally put up our tree every year on the 1st of Dec.. it’s a ritual Andrew just laughs as he is a self confessed grinch! Anyway this Christmas we were so busy on the first and had to go to a friend’s birthday celebrations that I had to sacrifice my ritual and wait until the 2nd to put up the tree! Anyway, so I was busy getting ready upstairs for going out for the evening, Andrew and 3 of our friends who were staying were buzzing about getting ready too.. anyway I was told I wasn’t allowed downstairs.. which I thought was just them planning something to do with my Christmas present or something, so I didn’t blink an eyelid.. anyway I was far too busy trying to negotiate my sparkly eye shadow to mind! lol ! After about an hour our friends came upstairs and hovered about looking rather shifty.. I was then told Andrew wanted to ‘have a word with me downstairs’.. so rather confused and flustered because we were running late, I went down. I opened the living room door to a darkened room, Andrew sitting on the sofa and our Christmas tree up! He had put the twinkley lights on and it all looked very pretty 🙂 I was so overwhelmed that he had bothered to put up the tree for me that I thought that was it.. but it wasn’t.. he pointed to the tree and the one decoration that was hanging there.. it was a little Santa… he said he found it and didn’t recognise it and asked me to take a closer look to see if I recognised it.. I took it off and examined it.. didn’t recognise it.. he then rolled his eyes and said “You are so useless.. take a closer look”.. by this point I was very confused but obliged. On closer inspection I realised was it was… a little box! I opened the box and you can guess what was in it… a lovely diamond ring!!!! I was speechless! By this point he was shaking and I looked and him and said “what?!”… like I didn’t know what he was going to say!! Anyway he popped the question and then followed lots of hugs and happy tears!!.. we spent a few moments alone and then I venture back upstairs.. My friends (who were all in on the act) were hanging their ears out of the study upstairs and greeted me with bug grins and lots of congratulations! I found out afterwards that he had planned this for ages and chose the ring all by himself.. which I was very impressed with as he gets very nervous about things like that! He has also asked my parents for my hand in marriage the week before and they had managed to keep quiet about it.. though my mum was convinced I knew something!! I honestly didn’t and I couldn’t have asked for a more special and romantic proposal if I had dreamed it up! We are very excited about the wedding and I only hope that some of that spirit can be recreated on the big day!

Who did you share the news of your engagement with first?

The people in our house waiting upstairs!! and then family 🙂

Describe your ring.

It’s a classic white gold band with a single raised diamond… perfect 🙂

Did you help choose the ring?

Nope he chose it himself.. very impressed!

Will your partner wear an engagement ring as well?

No, but he will have a wedding ring.

Did you have an engagement party?

We had a small drinks party with close friends and family, but are planning a big night out on the town for more of our friends

If so, where was it held?

The small party was at our house. the big party will be in Camden North London

How many people were invited?

About 20 to the small party. About 100 to the big one!

Did you have a particular theme for your party?

Just to have fun!

When do you plan to marry?

August 17th 2008. Already booked 🙂

What are you looking forward to the most about planning a wedding?

EVERYTHING! I am a very girly girl and have been planning my wedding in my head since I was little! It’s quite different when it actually happens though, so I expect some elements will change.. I do still want to feel like a princess and I want it to be romantic, fun and alternative 🙂

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