Chelle and Martin Real Engagement Story

We’d been together for 2 years and 3 months and lived together for 14 months when the proposal finally came. We had had quite a hard 14 months living together but things had started to look up. Martin had planned us a weekend away for the 6th June 2003 and had managed to keep the location from me for 3 months so when it came to the 6th I was extremely excited! Although I only had a slight idea that he might propose I didn’t think it would actually happen and thought it was just me wishing! When the coach pulled up at the meeting point I was expecting a big sign saying ‘Amsterdam’, which was where he had got all our friends to tell me we were going to, instead it said ‘Bruges’! When we got there we stayed in a lovely hotel and relaxed for the first evening. Early the next morning we had breakfast and then went on a tour of all the historic places and on a lovely canal boat. Nothing had happened by this point and I thought that I had definitely read the signs wrong!!! Anyway later on we went back into the town on our own and stopped at a small cafe to freshen up. Then out of the blue he asked me, “Do you really want to be with me forever?” and started fumbling around in his pocket! At this point I got slightly flustered and just replied, “Course I do!” To this he opened a box and slid a beautiful 18 carat gold diamond ring across the table and said, “Well in that case do you want to get engaged!” Being a bit shocked I replied, “Just engaged or married?” He replied, ” Both” and I said yes. The ring fitted perfectly and looked gorgeous!

After this, both ecstatic, we returned to the hotel room only for him to present me with half a bottle of Champagne and some gorgeous new lingerie! We had a wonderful evening celebrating. I phoned my parents to tell them who were both over the moon. When we got back we told his parents, who were both really happy too, and took our friends out in the evening to tell them! They were all happy and this was followed by comments from my friends saying, “So what flowers, dress, shoes, cake etc are you going to have!” and comments from his friends along the lines of, “Wicked, where do you want to go on your stag night!!” As we are the first to get married out of our friends there were rather over excited to say the least! The date has been planned for the 27th August 2005 so we can save as much money as possible for us to have the wedding of our dreams and for us to have enough time to plan it without too much stress near the time!


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