Christine and Bryan Real Engagement Story

My name is Christine, and I live in Brooklyn, New York, USA, and my fiance’s name is Bryan and he lives in Cambridge, UK.

We met in a chat room on the IRC last March. We were introduced by someone else and we did chat in the room and also in private as friends. He even said he would like to call me and I was awed that someone from England would call!! So, we did talk a few times on the phone, and then on April 16th, 1999, Bryan told me that he had developed feelings for me. I was so happy, because I also had started to like him. We decided to try to make a go of it and decided to be a couple…not only for online but for real-life. (I felt like that there was something there, but at that time I couldn’t explain it.)


Well, we talked on the phone every day for 1-2 hours a day. We both call each other, but it is cheaper for me to call him and he sends me some money to help with the phone bill. He was supposed to come to visit me in the summer time, but something happened that he didn’t. He finally made it over here for a long weekend in the beginning of November, and we both knew that the other was the one. Just spending time together reaffirmed that.

He first proposed to me on the phone on his birthday on November 17th. I said yes and I told my family and friends that I was "pre-engaged" then. Bryan came back to see me for ten days for the New Year, and we did manage to go away for a few days to Atlantic City in New Jersey and we stayed at a really nice hotel. While we were there, in this beautiful romantic lounge, he proposed to me. He wasn’t much on the words, for all he said was, "I love you, will you marry me?" He then presented me with the beautiful one carat round diamond engagement ring. I said YES!! and I had tears in my eyes. This was on the very early hours of Friday, January 7th, 2000.

We are planning a September, 2001 wedding because I want to wait until I graduate from school, which I will do in May 2001. (I returned to school last year after a nine year absence to get my four year degree.) Bryan plans on moving here for good by July and I can’t wait!!

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