Claire and Iain Real Engagement Story

At the end of last year my boyfriend of five years and I decided we wanted to get engaged, so we started looking at rings. Then, due to tragedies in both our families the right time never seemed to come. We’d already planned to go to New York for Iain’s 22nd birthday, and not only get a well deserved holiday, but also to see Iain’s auntie, uncle and cousins who live over there. I kind of knew he was going to ask me whilst we were out there (as did everyone else we know who spent weeks trying to guess and asking if they could place bets!). But I had no idea when or where.

The week went so quickly and by Friday the 10th of January 2003 he still hadn’t asked me! On that day we went to Central Park. It was there that we took a beautiful horse and carriage ride through the snow, very pretty and romantic! Iain struggled to get down on one knee in the confined area of the carriage, at one point almost falling out (very funny!). Then he asked me and presented me with the beautiful sapphire and diamond ring we had chosen. Of course I said yes straight away. To his surprise I took the ring out of the box and put it on my own finger! He asked if he could have it back so he could put it on my finger and I said no! He wasn’t impressed but everyone thinks it’s very funny! We’ve now started planning our wedding for July 2005


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