Clare and Nick Real Engagement Story

It was the night before New Year’s Eve. We had been seeing each other for several months, when I decided to pop the question. Unfortunately, my boyfriend thought I was a little worse for wear (having drunk a bottle of wine that night) and not being entirely true (or sober) in my asking…so he told me he would let me know.He was supposed to be working New Year’s Eve, but due to illness (which had already put a damper on our Christmas) he couldn’t go to. We decided, at short notice, to go to London for the evening and watch the New Year’s Celebration. After much merriment and wining from me, he got down on one knee, there on Waterloo Bridge in front of several hundred people, and said….”Remember you asked me to marry you?” to which I said, “Yes”. ‘Well,’ he said, ‘my answer isn’t yes, but will you marry me?’At that point in time, the fireworks went off and the sky was ablaze with fireworks like I have never seen before. People around us were taking photographs…not of the fireworks, but of us!!! A woman stood writing everything in her book. It was one of the most memorable nights of my life and, of course, I said yes.We are now getting married on 10/09/2000 – exactly one year after we started seeing each other and I don’t think I have ever been happier :O)


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