Collette and Mark Real Engagement Story

I met Mark in the strangest circumstances, I worked as an Account Manager in IT Training and he is an IT Manager and I cold called him to try and sell him some training.
When I first called him in November 2001, he was very blunt and cut me dead on the call. This is quite normal in sales, you get used to it. However, Mark really got my back up.
I didn’t ring him again for another six months. One day I looked at his contact details and decided to call him again. I’m so glad I did – he was totally different, chatty, friendly, funny and even though he was living in Cheshire he had been brought up only a few miles from me and we had mutual acquaintances. In the end he did buy a contract from me and we spent hours on the phone, very rarely discussing work.
It is normal in my role to go and visit my customers, so I made a business appointment to go and see Mark. I was really itching to meet him in person and curiosity had got the better of me! I went to meet him at his Manchester office and I was asked to wait in reception until he came down, as he walked down the staircase I nearly died. I couldn’t believe how gorgeous he was and I was smitten straight away. We conducted the meeting professionally, but inside I was shaking the whole time. At the end of the meeting Mark asked me out to dinner, we went to a pub in Wilmslow and I knew then I wanted to be with him.

We snatched anytime possible together after that and five months later I gave up my job in Leeds, sold my house and moved over to Cheshire permanently. That was two years ago and I love him more than ever.
Last weekend, Mark and I went to Port Patrick in Scotland for the weekend. It was beautiful weather and the setting was idyllic – we had a great time, a lovely meal in a bistro and stayed in a beautiful hotel. On the journey back down, we stopped at Gretna Green and that’s where he popped the question. Of course I said yes straight away! Mark bought me a one-carat white gold diamond solitaire which is amazing and fits me perfectly. I have bought Mark a Tag Chronograph watch which he has always wanted. It really was the best moment of my life.
When you love someone so much there is nothing better than knowing you will be with them forever.
We’ve planned the wedding for next June. A party of about 20 of us are going to a castle in Scotland for the wedding and we’re having the reception at the village hall in my parents village a couple of days later. We’re calling on favours to keep the costs down – my brother’s friend owns a catering company, my friend is a florist, another friend is a photographer and we have friends who are in a great band.
I can’t wait now and I just wanted to share my special time with the world, so thank you for reading.


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