Dawn and David Real Engagement Story

David and I met at the end of January 2000, over the internet!! When we met after endless phone calls and sending e-mails to each it was at King’s Cross Station, the moment we met, I knew that I had found my soul mate! Luckily for me David felt the same way.

With me at university doing my first year and living in London, and with David working and living in Cambridge, the time we spent together was at weekends only. Though for Valentine’s Day, David surprised me by coming down to London on the evening after we had our own Valentine’s Day on the Sunday, with me thinking that it was not possible for us to spend the night together. David turned up on my door step with a dozen long stem red roses!!


When we had been together for two months, David took me to Paris for the weekend by the Eurostar which was a first for both of us. Everything was just perfect, the hotel was minutes away from the Eiffel Tower, the weather when we arrived was perfect – you could not have asked for a better day. With us racing to get to the top of the Tower, followed by a wonderful meal in a little tiny restaurant and with a long and slow walk back to the hotel by the river.

On our second day, we saw all the sights, but the weather was awful – it rained the entire day, but it did not dampen our spirits nor our love for the city. When we got back to the hotel, David kept saying that we should go somewhere really expensive for dinner and really dress up. I was not so keen, but gave in the end.

We found a little restaurant down one of the side streets. After ordering wine, I turned to David and told him just how much I had enjoyed Paris and the day even though we got so wet!! I told him that I could never imagine coming to Paris again as he had made it so special. Turning to me, David said, good, as he wasn’t going to let me go. Laughing, I asked why – were we now joined at the hip because we had been away for the weekend? No, he said, because he wanted me to marry him!!

I sat and look at him thinking that I had heard him incorrectly, I asked him to repeat what he had just said, repeating it I burst into tears and said yes, much to the bemusement of the waiters!! We plan to get married next August, so I have just over a year to plan the wedding. My dream has come true and I have my dream man.

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