Debbie and Jason Real Engagement Story

Jason, my partner, had always said he wasn’t into commitment, but I was, so I was quite gutted as I loved him. Last year (1999) we’d been together for three and a bit years, and he told me to look for a ring – how very not romantic! We both gave up looking as I have tiny fingers and were on a budget. I began to think it was all a big wind up until…our annual trip to Alton Towers in October for the fireworks special.

It was cold and as usual the girls were left to wander while our partners found the local bar. It got to 8pm on the 29th October and the fireworks started. Jason had been with the lads all day and I was annoyed by then as I felt I was in the way. He said, "What’s up with you?", immediately getting my back up. After a few loud bangs and lights, I was in tears, thinking he didn’t care and he put the ring right in my face and said, "Marry me". I turned around, upset and angry and said, "No, go away and leave me alone".


Of course, he was upset as his last girlfriend had laughed in his face. We headed back to our B&B ‘Cresent House’ to get ready for the pub. No words were spoken and I apologised. He asked me why I was upset and I told him. With that, he locked the bedroom door and got on his knee. Just as he was about to pop the question, his brother banged on the door and shouted, "Anyone using the bathroom?"

With that, Jason leaped up from the floor and sat next to me like a naughty boy. I was laughing my head off by this point. He then got back on his knee and asked me. Of course, I said yes! Jason was bright red – bless him.

We headed for the local pub where the drinks never ended and all the locals joined in. The following morning, our B&B lady Marian placed a card by our breakfast, unfortunately, we were all to hungover to eat our breakfasts (oops).

It was an eventful and emotional weekend. Let’s just hope I don’t get too uptight on our big day!

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