Debra and Ian Real Engagement Story

I have often wondered what it is that makes a man suddenly decide to ‘pop the question’ and now, more than ever, I am curious to know the answer.My name is Debra and I have, for the last four years, been living with my partner Ian. Ian and I have a little girl, India, who is two and I have two older children, Holly and Jamie, from my first marriage, who also live with us. As you can imagine, life is often hectic and always – noisy!It was first thing in the morning and I had just woken up to what I can only describe as ‘Saturday morning hair’. Furthermore, my son Jamie was having his birthday sleepover and he and his friends were whooping and screaming in the bedroom above. To add to this, Holly and India had just woken up and were also joining in with the racket on the landing. In the midst of this chaos, and with me looking like an extra from the ‘Thriller’ video, Ian asked me to marry him.For a while I was so shocked I couldn’t’ say anything at all – and when I did reply, I could hardly make myself heard over the noise!So now you might understand why I started this account by saying that I would love to know what it is that makes a man suddenly decide to propose. I would have chosen a quiet romantic setting, just the two of us and with me looking suitably glamourous. He chose a moment when the noise level made living in Concorde’s flight path seem preferable, when there was just the eight of us and I was looking DREADFUL. Perhaps he was admiring my ability to stay calm in a crisis, given that six children were trampolining on the ceiling above?Despite the unusual timing of the proposal, I gladly accepted and we are planning to get married on 25th March 2000. Holly and India are going to be my bridesmaids and Jamie says that he is looking forward to being the ‘Paper Boy’! The children are thrilled with the news and we are both looking forward to the wedding – not because we think it will change our day to day lives in any way, but because we are happy that it will not.


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