Eloise and Scott’s Real Life Wedding

Eloise and Scott

December 1999

How did you meet?
We met by sharing a four-person flat in Wandsworth. I moved in first and Scott moved in about a year later. We got to know each other really well as friends and six months later, started ‘going out’.

Describe the marriage proposal.
It was a Sunday. Scott woke me up with breakfast in bed and then produced the ring while going down on one knee. We are both very emotional people and both burst into tears and cried into our Champagne!


How long did you spend preparing for the day and how was it?
We got married 18 months after getting engaged. We had quite a strict budget to stick to, so it all had to be thought out properly so that the costs wouldn’t run away by themselves. Good planning paid off and the day was fantastic. Better than my wildest dreams. Scott and I spent the whole day grinning from ear to ear.

What type of wedding ceremony did you have and where?
We were married in St Michael and All Angels Church, Winterbourne Dauntsey, Salisbury, in the village where my parents live. It was a very relaxed Church of England ceremony. It actually rained on the day, so the vicar allowed us to have our official photos taken in church, which created a beautiful backdrop to the pictures.

Where did you hold your reception and what was it like?
The reception was help at the Red Lion Hotel in Salisbury. The service there was impeccable. We had a Christmas theme throughout the reception. The welcome drink was mulled wine and we had Christmas dinner. The tables were dressed in white and silver, with red and green flower displays. All the guests had Christmas crackers, so there was a sea of silver crowns throughout the meal. I made a point, when doing the seating plan, of mixing people up so that each couple sat next to a couple they didn’t know. It meant that people mixed a lot better and made new friends. From the feedback that I have heard, it worked well. In the evening, we had a disco in a separate room in the hotel and more guests arrived. The atmosphere at the hotel was wonderful – very relaxed. Scott and I enjoyed ourselves so much that we didn’t get to bed until 3am. We stayed in the honeymoon suite in the hotel, which was beautiful.

Thinking back to the ‘big day’ what things did you especially enjoy?
I enjoyed everything about the day. It was great to see all my hard work and planning turn into a really brilliant day. The wedding ceremony was lovely, so lovely that I can’t put it into words. Being able to tell everyone how in love I am was a wonderful experience. The most prominent image in my mind is seeing everyone smiling.

Is there anything you’d change, with hindsight?
There is nothing about the wedding I would change. I enjoyed every minute of it! Actually, there is one thing, I wish that my dad hadn’t had flu as he was pretty poorly throughout the day.

What advice would you give to couples currently planning their wedding?
Decide on your budget and stick to it. I know of friends who have struggled because they have spent too much on their wedding. I think, if you are sensible, there is absolutely no need to overspend.

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