Emily and Rob Real Engagement Story

We’re both keen rock climbers and last summer were on holiday in the Alps climbing. One day we did a long 5 hour climb – it was pretty hard and there was lots of loose rock around so Rob had to keep calling down for me to duck or move to one side.

He was unusually quiet that day – normally he’s full of the joys of the sport! When we reached the top we opened our sandwiches, which Rob put to one side saying his mouth was too dry! Rob not eating after a long climb is very unusual! Without me realising he leant backwards and then said nonchalently, “What’s that?” and pointed to a little black box behind me. Suddenly time stood still. I know it sounds corny, but I had no idea it was coming (we’d been going out for about 2 and a half years). Then I knew what was coming next, having ‘seen it in the movies’ so many times! I couldn’t have done anything because Rob then said “Pick it up then,” so I picked it up, then he had to say “Open it!” – so I opened it and inside was the most beautiful antique diamond and sapphire ring set in platinum – not the ‘usual’ style ring. I didn’t want to shout “YES!” in case it wasn’t a proposal!?! So I looked at him and he said, “Will you marry me?” and it took me about 0.5 seconds to say yes!

We then celebrated with our sandwiches and walked off the mountain – engaged!

It was our most memorable climb!!

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