Emma and John Real Engagement Story

I met John at the age of 13. We lived in the same village as each other and travelled on the same school bus. Despite my rather perceptive Nanna who always used to say to me, "He’s keen on you, Emma," it wasn’t until after I’d had been married, had 2 wonderful children, and subsequently separated from my ex husband, that we got together.

I suddenly saw a different John to the one I knew from school. A caring, romantic man had emerged rather than the shy boy I’d known at school. After a few months of being together, I knew it was something special. We started talking about the future, marriage and kids. In September 2002 we went out and chose a ring but I had no idea as to when we’d get engaged. Christmas Day came and we had a fantastic day together with the kids and my dad. We went to bed early because I was tired and after watching ‘Jamie’ die in EastEnders, I burst into tears for no apparent reason (the real reason for this was actually born on Sept 9th 2003!). John put his arm around me to try and console me and handed me an "extra" Christmas present. I opened it and inside was a little box and a note saying, "Will you marry me please". Of course, that made me cry even more but I was so happy and of course I said yes. Now we have set the date for Valentines Day 2004 at 4pm. We can’t wait! It will be a very romantic wedding on a very romantic day to a very romantic man.


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