Emma and Paul 03 Real Engagement Story

Paul isn’t a man of many words, that’s why he proposed to me via a text message!

It was Christmas Day 2003, I was at my parents house in Cumbria and he was in Manchester preparing to go to his parents house for the festive season.


He gave me my presents all nicely wrapped on Christmas Eve. I asked him if I could open one as we would be apart on Christmas Day. He looked very concerned and insisted I didn’t open them.

Christmas Day morning arrived and I watched my family open their presents. I looked at mine and decided to open Paul’s presents last (call it a sixth sense).

I eventually came across the ‘big one’. As I unwrapped the paper I found an interesting box. I opened the lid and there was lots of tissue paper so I dug deep and spied a leaflet which read ‘diamond guarantee’ Lying next to it was a ring box. I could barely open it I was so nervous!. My mum let out a big gasp and excitedly grabbed it off me. Everyone started to ask me if it was an engagement ring, I was too scared to believe it was, and frantically looked for a clue. The gift tag read ‘This is one of many you can choose from’. My brother-in-law laughed and asked if it was a cryptic clue.

I walked upstairs, phoned Paul and he answered straight away. I was shaking and started to laugh about my family thinking he’d proposed to me. Paul went quiet and said ‘well, what do you think?’.
I couldn’t speak, and started to cry… he told me to put the phone down as he was sending me a text message.

I sat on the edge of my bed and the beep sounded to tell me I had received a message. It read ‘will you marry me?’

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