Emma and Paul 99 Real Engagement Story

Paul and I have been together for nearly a year, but we have known each other for about ten years. We fancied each other at school, but nothing ever came of it!

Anyway, to cut a long story short, it was the beginning of March ’99 and I’d just recently split up from my boyfriend and was invited out with some of my work friends. The last thing I was looking for was a new man in my life.

My friends and I decided to go onto a local bar for a late drink and to my surprise Paul and some of the other blokes from school were in there, so we all got chatting. One drink led to another and they asked me if I wanted to come clubbing with them. It was while I was in the club that I noticed Paul kept looking at me, then he came over and we got talking about old times and before I knew it we were kissing and the rest is history!

We got engaged on the 9th July 99 in Lindos, Rhodes.

If you have ever been to Lindos, you will know that its full of jewellery shops. Paul had mentioned to me that he wanted to get me a ring, but I kept on saying what for, as I’m not really a big jewellery wearer. I saw a ring which was very unusual and Paul decided to sneak out and get it for me. He came back looking forlorn. I asked him what was wrong and he blurted it all out – how he’d gone to get the ring for me, but it had already been sold and also that he had wanted to propose to me on the last night of our holiday! I didn’t know what to say, I felt as bad as he did, but I didn’t want him to know, so I told him to forget about and wait until we got home.

The holiday was drawing to an end and on our last evening, we got a cab into Rhodes Town. We had walked around for a couple of hours, then we went to get something to eat. We ended up in this little square with more shops than restaurants. In amongst the shops, was a jewellers. We decided to have a look and Paul pointed out another really unusual ring. I tried it on, but it was too big. The jeweller asked us where we were staying and when we told them, they said they would alter the ring and it would be ready by 11.30pm. They told us of a good place to eat, so off we went. Through that whole dinner, I kept saying to Paul, "Are you sure you’re sure?" He said, "Yes", but I felt really nervous. I had butterflies and I felt like a 14 year old on her first date again. It still hadn’t quite sunk in that I had a ring and Paul was going to propose to me within the next few hours.

When we went to pick the ring up, I tried it on for size then they lady put it in a box and then in a bag. Back in our hotel room, we were getting ready for bed and I had put the bag on the side. Paul got into bed and asked me if I was getting in. I jumped into bed, with the bag held up in front of him and said, "What about this?" He started laughing and said, "Can’t it wait until morning?"

I proceeded to throw a pillow at him and he grabbed hold of me took the bag from my hands, out came the ring and he finally said those words, "Em, will you marry me?" I said yes and started to bawl my eyes out!

And that’s my engagement story! We’re both very happy and are planning to get married in June 2001.

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