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Well what can I say about Ian’s proposal… he certainly didn’t rush into it! After 10 years of friendship and a further 5 years in a relationship he finally got down on one knee under the Eiffel Tower… but it wasn’t quite the romantic Parisian proposal he had planned, nor what films portray! Having decided to propose in the restaurant halfway up the Eiffel Tower we settled down to eat, with couples also on the same package as us sat around us – one particular Australian couple we had met on the way up were sat behind us, and between her tapping me on the shoulder to enquire about my duck terrine or to ask about a wine top up, poor Ian didn’t stand much of a chance! So Plan B – off I went to the toilet, (Ozzy girl in tow) and Ian sought a suitable romantic spot. But as we started to wander off on our own, the pesky couple gathered us and the rest of the diners from our party together “come on guys, group photo!”, and then kindly saving us a seat on the boat tour we were taking next – so Plan B became Plan C!

Mel & Ian


Now I had suspected Ian might pop the question and I think Ian had realised I was suspicious, so what followed was a boat trip during which we both sat there wondering what the other was thinking, whilst of course fielding questions from our newfound friends – could we smell the funy smell they could, had we seen such and such a film, when were we returning back to England, etc… Next stop – the Moulin Rouge, but not before a trip to an Irish bar – I did wonder if having come to Paris this is where Ian might end up getting down on one knee but no! By 2am leaving the theatre I was starting to think he had given up, only for him to instruct the driver to drop us at the Eiffel Tower which had earlier in the evening been beautifully lit up! By the time we arrived it was pitch black and literally deserted. We wondered to a bench and… yes Ian finally got down on one knee much to both of our relief! He is knicknamed Beasty by his friends as he is really hairy and often gets monkey jokes, so he had bought a monkey ring box (which we called ringo!) and picked out a beautiful white gold ring with diamonds in the band and a central raised diamond. I couldn’t have found a more lovely ring! Finally, after having skirted around the topic all weekend, we could talk about it… how Ian had asked my Dad’s permission, stealing himself by their back door before going in, only to find my dad was sitting in his car on the driveway wondering what the hell he was doing! How he had picked up the ring the day we went to Paris having been given it on credit after the card machine in the shop broke! Honestly, whilst he might have been a bit bemused and upset that nothing had quite gone to plan, it is a story we have and will dine off and one we can look back and laugh at forever.

Mel & Ian

We are getting married on 21st December this year at Kenilworth Castle – a winter Christmassy wedding, and one we have organised within 2 months of getting engaged! This time I am in charge and I think Ian is gratefully taking a back seat! It seems odd to be marrying someone who was a friend for so long before anything else… I still remember joking to him 10 years ago that maybe one day it would go full circle and we would get married… and unbelievably it really has!

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