Erica and Robin Real Engagement Story

I had been wondering for some time, when Rob was finally going to pop that all important question. We had bought the house, even adopted the cat, just one thing remained – which I thought Rob was oblivious to.I had broached the subject tactfully on a few occasions with such subtle statements as “I bet Grandad wont like us living in sin!” and “My dad always threaten to write me out of his will if I lived in sin for over 12 months!”. Apparently to no avail or so I thought. Rob was playing it so cool that I would never have guessed in a thousand years what he had planned – that was of course until I prised a little bit of info out of him! After I had softened him up with a few drinks he let slip out the fact that we were going to one of the most romantic places in the world for a holiday, but thats about all i could get! A couple of months later i found myself touching down on the Maldivian resort of Meeru Island in the middle of the Indian Ocean. We had just spent one fantastic week in Sri Lanka and we were half way through our second week, when Rob suggested a walk along the jetty. Then all of a sudden previously ice cool Rob seemed anything but cool, infact he would have been best described as a jibbering wreck! (This is a bit of an exaggeration – ROB!) Rob proceeded to get down on one knee (unknown to him in front of a packed restaurant of inquisitive onlookers – he thought it was too dark to be seen!) and shake his way through his speech. Now it was my turn to make Rob wait, but through the excitement I only managed to hold out for 15 seconds before blurting out “YES!” The beautiful and memorable occasion was also witnessed by three squid, a shark and a handful stingray!!! As Rob got up from his kneeling position he was greeted by a loud cheer from the bar and complementary drinks all night, which soon helped him over come his embarrassment! Two months later we are back home planning our big day. We vow to one day return to Meeru Island to make sure that there is no dent in the jetty from Rob’s wobbly knee, and that the Ocean is not minus a host of marine life who died from shock when the cheer went up!!

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