Gayle and Mark Real Engagement Story

Mark and I had planned to go to Paris for a long weekend for our 2 year "anniversary" for a special treat. I decided that as a surprise for Mark I would book us tickets to see the Moulin Rouge on the evening of our anniversary – he ended up beating me in the surprise stakes!

When the day arrived Mark was extremely quiet, he hardly said a word to me (nerves, apparently!) blaming a hangover from drinks the night before. As we wandered around Paris I was getting increasingly concerned, thinking "I hope he perks up tonight or my surprise will be a bit of a wash out". We went back to the hotel in the evening and got ready to go out, by this time Mark had livened up and so we set off in the taxi to the Moulin Rouge. We had an amazing time there, I highly recommend it to anyone visiting Paris, the show is fantastic. When we came out Mark suggested going down to the Eiffel Tower to see it all lit up in the night sky. We started walking as there was a large queue for taxis outside the Moulin Rouge but as we walked down a side street we saw a couple getting mugged by a gang of lads halfway down the street! I immediately decided we weren’t going any further and were going to get a cab back to the hotel (little did I know that this completely ruined Mark’s plan to propose by the Eiffel Tower!!).

The cab dropped us off outside our hotel and Mark suggested we go to the bar next door for a drink (to give him time to come up with a new plan!). As we sat outside I found myself getting a bit chilly as I was only wearing a strappy top so I asked Mark if I could borrow his jacket. To my utter surprise he said NO! (in true "Friends" style, as with Monica & Chandler, Mark had the ring in his jacket pocket!). I couldn’t believe it and sat there in a huff thinking "what the hell is he playing at, first he doesn’t speak to me all day, now he won’t give me his jacket, is he going off me??".

Mark realised things were not going well so said "lets just go back to the hotel now, we can leave the drinks". When we got back to the room I sat down on the bed still in a huff until he said "close your eyes, I’ve got a present for you". As I opened my eyes and saw the box the first thing I thought was "how sweet, he’s got me some earrings for our anniversary!". I then noticed Mark on bended knee in front of me……….

Everything after that is a blur! I said "Oh My God" about 100 times, squeaked a "YES!" out at some point, cried, and kissed and hugged the man of my dreams, my future husband, for a very long time!

The next night we did go down to the Eiffel Tower to see it all lit up and that’s where we phoned all our friends and family to tell them the good news.

We are planning to get married in June 2003 and I can’t wait!!

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