Georgina and Edward’s Fete Themed Wedding

This week’s real wedding proves mums know best. Georgina’s mum helped her plan her village fete themed wedding, and there’s nothing she missed out. From stunning handmade brooch bouquets, to the incredible detailed table settings, this wedding has it all. If you’re looking for a wedding packed full of DIY touches, personalised decor, then look no further than Georgina and Edward’s real wedding.

Georgina and Edward's real wedding |


The Proposal

Ed Proposed to me on the 14th April 2013, as he had booked a weekend away in Paris for my birthday present to fall over our anniversary. I was oblivious to the fact that I would be coming home as a fiancé. Neither of us being romantic or showing it anyway I was just totally excited for going away to Paris it’s such a beautiful city and so full of love! We went on a proper adventure. Ed waited until the 14th April for us to add a padlock onto the bridge with our initials and date on and to climb the Eiffel tower, he was so calm. We got to the top about 9.55pm, we got ourselves ready for the lights to sparkle dramatically at 10.00pm and WOW there it was 10.00pm Ed got the ring out of his pocket and asked me to marry him it was prefect, couldn’t ask for anything else I gave him the biggest hug and kiss and of course said yes.  When we got to the hotel I gave mum a call who actually told me she had a bet on with our cake lady who is a family friend that we would get engaged, so mum won the bet. We enjoyed the last few days being madly in love and being in the most romantic city. When we got back to England we had cards already and a warm welcome home.

The Dress

As the bride I originally wanted a plain, backless, lace elegant dress, but working in the trade that’s what everyone was wearing so off we went to Red Rose bridal in Boldmere and found an Ian Stuart dress. It was the first dress I tried on and it was perfect, fun, quirky, different and unique which is what I loved about it. I just felt like an absolute princess it was beautiful, mum told me I should go and try on other dresses and enjoy the experience so begrudgingly I did but still went back and put a deposit on the 2 weeks later. It was like a dirty pink cappuccino colour, very tight fitting until my waist and then almost like candy floss as the bottom skirt it was truly perfect. I had straps put on as I didn’t trust want it to fall down and would rather not flash everyone. But I’m so glad I did as on the day it was so heavy without them!

The Accessories

My mum made my bouquet with marcaseite brooches. All the brooches meant something to me, I had a horse, daschund, iris for my Nan, mother, and the little gold bow which was the first present grandpa had ever given to granny so I was honoured to be given it as a present. All the brooches were tied and wrapped around my horse’s shoe, as originally he wasn’t going to be there.

Ian Stuart wedding dress with handmade brooch bouquets | Georgina and Edward's real wedding |

The bride with her bridesmaid | Fun photo ideas with your bridesmaids | Georgina and Edward's real wedding |

The bride getting ready for her ig day | Ian Stuart ruffed wedding dress |Georgina and Edward's real wedding |

The Ceremony

We wanted a church wedding as we think they are so much more meaningful, the whole experience of getting married in a church is magical. We got married at St Peters and St Pauls church in Coleshill, where we are both leaders of the boys and girls brigade of Coleshill so we have become very close with the Vicar, who made the service very personal and changed plans to make sure he could hold our service. I’ve always loved Coleshill church there’s just something about it that makes you want to say ‘I do’ there. The service was very personal, full of love, we had 2 readings from Eds grandparents

Cu=hurch wedding ceremony at St Peters and St Pauls church in Coleshill |Georgina and Edward's real wedding |

The Photographer

Just Rebecca photography photographed our wedding, she is just amazing. You look at her work and she captures every emotion in one single photo. I find Rebecca listens to you what you want and advises you for the best. We didn’t want formal pictures we just wanted all the love and fun to show in the pictures. Rebecca is such an inspiration we have looked over and over at our pictures and each photo tells a story which leads to the following photo. From the bottom of our hearts, we couldn’t have found a better person, now friend to photograph our day. To us the day was so much more than getting married we had been through so much the last few years that actually to be finally getting married and becoming one person it’s like falling in love all over again, it most certainly does something to your relationship and as an individual makes you have more care more passion, more drive to succeed to together. It’s a beautiful feeling.

The Theme

We had a country fete theme with lots of fun and games all day. We are both very fun and didn’t want it to be the normal serious very formal kind of occasion as that’s not us we are both quite jokey and quirky. Growing up I’ve always been into horse riding and always participated in the local shows at the country fetes, I wanted to try re-create our own fete in our grounds. As a surprise, mum organised an organ grinder to come and play music all day which was completely in with the theme. We had ice cream stands, popcorn, candyfloss, a straw arm chair, and of course lots of games including jenga, connect 4, croquet, draughts, and knocking cans down with bean bags. Everything was just laid back all day with red, white and blue bunting draped everywhere from pillar and post outside.

Handmade brooch wedding bouquets | Handmade personalised bridesmaids shoes | Georgina and Edward's real wedding |
Get Georgina & Edward’s Pastel Perfection Bunting from!

The Wedding Reception

Our wedding reception was held at my family home, the Grimscote Manor Hotel, which was quite hard as we work on so many weddings you actually have to get your mind working on making it different. As a family member, to a member of staff and now from a brides point of you I couldn’t fault Grimscote Manor or Mum the wedding coordinator, she had managed to make my dream wedding into a reality which is really hard to do! Especially still focusing on all our other brides through the 2 years and making sure mine didn’t become the focus. What I can say from the bottom of my heart and not just because she’s my mum but mum is an actual incredible lady with so much drive and energy and she generally wants you to have your day as perfect as what you have always dreamt of growing up.

Fete themed country wedding | Georgina and Edward's real wedding | Photobooth picture of the bride and groom | Georgina and Edward's real wedding |

The Wedding Was Special

I would honestly say my mum. She is really the most incredible woman I know, she made our wedding so different and unique to us with stuff that we would never have been able to do. You asked her an impossible thing and she would find a way to do it. I fell in love with the rag bunting as much as a pain it was, she spent every hour she had off folding it around the string, we cut it which was hard enough! The brooch bouquets all the girls can keep them as keepsakes forever.  I honestly believe if it wasn’t for my mum it wouldn’t have been anywhere near as a special or unique. I love tweed, so we had tweed chair covers, tweed table cloths it was just perfect. My friend also had sorted out the transport for my horse to take part in the day as well and get him transported for pictures. Our dog was ring bearer! A tiny little miniature daschund and she did herself proud, everyone was worried that she would roll on her belly or eat the rings or do something but she walked quite scared into the church she didn’t bark or put a foot wrong.

My Advice

Be selfish, don’t think of everyone else’s feelings think of yours and your husband’s to be, it should be the best day of your lives and the start of your next chapter together. Work hard and have the wedding of your dreams, your family and friends are important but on your day it’s all about you two. Don’t forget that, don’t get wrapped up in people declining for stupid reasons the people that love you and adore you will be there to watch you say “I do” but make sure you take in who’s there for you on the day and remember them,they are true friends and family and will support you through everything you have coming your way in the following chapters.


Bridal Dress: Ian Stuart | Wedding Shoes: Terry De Havilland | Grooms attire: Burton | Bridesmaids Attire: Red Rose Bridal | Groomsmen’s Attire: Burton | Photographer: Just Rebecca photography | Wedding Cake and Catering: Jackie’s Cake KitchenWedding | Reception Venue: Grimscote Manor Hotel | Ceremony Venue: St Peters and St Paul’s parish church Coleshill

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