Gill and John Real Engagement Story

John and I (Gill) have just returned from an amazing trip to Italy and I thought you must add this to your engagement stories, even though no-one will believe the story.

It all began on a very hot sunny Monday, the 19th June 2000 to be precise, when John and I went to Verona on our own. We decided to follow the walking tour in my guide book, which John had been reading back in the UK. It was quite a nice wander around Verona, which should take about half a day.

The tour ended in a very busy, but small courtyard…. this courtyard was so busy because it contained the famous balcony from the ‘Romeo and Juliet’ story. John insisted that I take the weight off my feet and rest under the balcony. As the courtyard emptied after a group of American tourist left, I stood to leave. John stood too and took my hand. He dropped to one knee and there, under Juliet’s balcony, he asked me to marry him.

I was completely shocked, overwhelmed and flattered. I obviously agreed.

But this is not the end of the story. We had made friends on our trip with a couple, Kate and Anthony. On the Wednesday, the four of us went to Venice on an organised trip. The afternoon ended with a boat trip around the lagoon. It was wonderfully sunny afternoon, with a soft breeze coming off the water (which doesn’t smell). Only the four us sat on the outside deck and as the boat started to dock Anthony, also got down one knee to Kate. She blushed vibrantly and nodded.

But still there is more romance….. The final young couple on our trip – Tom and Jenny – were walking along the sides of Lake Garda one evening that week and as the sun set over the lake, Tom asked his girlfriend to marry him.

So one week in Italy can bring so much love and the heat can do funny things to man’s brain. All I can do is wish Kate and Anthony and Tom and Jenny the happiness that love can bring and I hope we all have long and very happy marriages.

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