Glynns and Simon Real Engagement Story

I was all set to do the Iron Man Austria Triathlon. We left San Francisco and arrived in London. Next stop Austria, or so she thought. Instead we arrived in Venice, as I had planned a short stay there before Austria. We spent a romantic two days walking the small streets of Venice. The second evening was spent at a local restaurant recommended by friends. On the way back to our hotel, I asked Glynns to walk with me to the end of a small pier between the gently rocking gondolas. It was a perfectly warm evening and, behind us, the Piazza San Marco was bustling with summer crowds.

I began my well-rehearsed speech, only to discover that I was quickly becoming too emotional to think straight, let alone talk. I began to fumble for the small box I was carrying in my pocket and soon realised that my unspoken proposal was now being recognised by Glynns. As I finally spoke those simple four words, it was clear that the exchange of the ring was now going to be a little more difficult than I had at first imagined.

I extended my shaky hand with the box firmly held. I studied the water as I contemplated how and where I might jump to retrieve the box. Glynns reached out with an equally trembling palm, but the exchange was made. She made me very happy by saying she would marry me and I was relieved not to have to go for an early swim. We will be married on February 13th, 2000, in Carmel, California.

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