Hannah and John Real Engagement Story

I was already with someone the day I first spoke to John. In a week my relationship with my ex went from "destined for a happy ever after" to "dead in the water".

I was in so much shock and distress and I needed to let it all out but no one was prepared to listen because, quite frankly, none of my friends or family particularly liked him. So I went into an online chat room: I really did need to confide in someone, even if it was a complete stranger.

I found John’s profile and it seemed we had a few things in common. He said on his profile that he liked rugby so I decided to break the ice. "So you’re a rugby player then?" I wrote. "I always preferred rugby players to footy players – at least you can take a few hundred hits without rolling about and crying on the floor!"

He was there all through my break up with my ex as things went from bad to worse. I hardly knew John but he was my rock. After a couple of weeks I suggested we meet up in a bar in my home town of Swindon; after all, he didn’t live too far away and I felt obliged to buy him a drink for all he had done for me.

As we sat having a drink we caught each others’ eyes for a second and I think that was it for him. For weeks after that he begged me to get together with him as he had fallen head over heels for me. The only problem was I didn’t feel the same way. I was still smitten by my ex and I hated the fact he had a new girlfriend.

Luckily enough I soon realised what I was missing out on – John was someone who was going to look after me and love me and never let me go. You know when it’s right, and when John proposed to me, in bed, on Christmas Eve with a ring that I thought was just a Christmas present, I knew this was the man I am going to spend the rest of my life with. We live together now and are busy planning our future (and family!) and we grow closer everyday. This was meant to be and we won’t let anybody tell us otherwise. Whoever said internet romances don’t work was very wrong! This time, it really is going to be happy ever after.

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