Heather and Will Real Engagement Story

Hi my name is Heather. I am getting married June 2001 to William. Although it is supposed to be the happiest day of our life, it will be really hard for Willie and I.
We met four years ago through friends and although Willie was 16 years older than me I fell for him almost immediatly. We dated for a while and were very happy together. He proposed to me on February 14th 1998 and I have never been happier. We moved in together in May 1998 and I thought things could get no better. Then his mum told us she had bowel cancer. She became very ill and I moved in with her to look after her. She died on the anniversary of our engament, it broke my heart and Willie was lost without her. We picked ourselves up and carried on, then I became ill with endometriosis. Sometimes I could hardly get out of bed. Willie cared for me and held down a full time job. My work was supportive but I knew I would loose it with all my sick leave. My Grandmother died in February of this year, I attended her funeral with my parents. My mum and dad have always been my best friends. I was a daddys girl and I know he thought the world of Willie, he wanted nothing more than to see us married. I came home from shopping one day in April to find tears in Willies eyes. He told me my father had died suddenly of a heart attack that morning. My dad was 53 and never been ill once. My mum and dad lived in England while I lived in Scotland but Willie and I had only seen mum and dad 2 days earlier. My dad looked happy and well. For me loosing my dad was the straw that broke the camels back, I started abusing alcohol and my pain killers. It caused me to have fits which stopped my heart and breathing. All the while Willie stood by me. My boss suggested counciling. So I went and got really close to the counciller. Unfortunatly, she died from a brain hemarage just before my third session with her. On the same day Willie’s uncle died from cancer. I felt it couldn’t get much worse, I hated life and everything in it. Willie stood by me, at night we would lie in bed and everything would be right with the world. Our love for each other kept us going. My dad had left my mum money and she told me he would have wanted to see us married and that we should set a date for the wedding. Willie and I were over the moon. I no longer need the pain killers or the alcohol, I’m a new woman and back at work. Willie and I are as strong as ever and are happy in the knowledge that nothing in life can seperate us.

Our wedding wil be so special but also so hard, there will be a lot of empty spaces in the church but we know Mum, Dad,NaNa and uncle Will are going to be there in our hearts.

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