Heidi and Wayne Real Engagement Story

It was February 2002 and I was lucky enough to be taken to the wonderful city of Prague for my 25th birthday, by my boyfriend Wayne. It was somewhere I had always wanted to go. We arrived on the 1st of February and straightaway we were taken aback by what a romantic city it was. However nothing prepared me for my birthday – one of the best days of my life!

We started the day with breakfast in bed -everything you could imagine – including chocolate (well it was my birthday!). We then went on a lovely walk through the old town of the city, listening to the street musicians and lunching by the side of the river. Even though it was February, the sun was shining and the sky was blue, it was the perfect day!

By the time it was evening, I was ready to get dressed and have a few drinks, although I didn’t want the day to end. I had an inkling that Wayne was going to ask me to marry him but I didn’t want to build my hopes up and spoil a perfect day. We had met on New Years Eve at the stroke of midnight and from then on our romance had been like a fairytale – it still is!
Wayne got dressed up in a new suit (and he never wears a suit) and took me (in my new cocktail dress) to the restaurant underneath the hotel, which was actually built into a real cave. There, we had the most wonderful meal accompanied by a brilliant pianist who played his version of modern songs, which we were singing along to after a few drinks.
Wayne acted completely normal until toward the end of the meal when he looked a bit twitchy and uncomfortable. I asked him later and he said he had been considering proposing in the middle of the old town square instead of in the restaurant.

He started telling me how much he loved me, how perfect and wonderful we were together and that there was only one thing left to say. I said, "What," as in, "What is there left to say?" But he thought I hadn’t heard any of it and said, "Look at that woman smoking a cigar over there." When I turned around I could hear him rustling in his pocket, his hand had got stuck! And then he had to say it all over again about 10 minutes later…. and of course I said yes!
He was shaking, I was crying, but it was the most wonderful time of my life. We then went for a midnight walk around the city – the man and his missus.

We are getting married in March 2004 and buying a house at the same time, so it’s serious saving time now but it will be worth it in the end.

Since the day we met it has been as if we have known each other all of our lives. We never argue and we always put each other before anyone else. So thanks Wayne, for always treating me like a princess and being there for me. I’m counting down the days to when I become your wife!

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