Jayne and Malc Real Engagement Story

I met Malc six years ago when I was working in the local bowling centre. I was instantly attracted to him – he didn’t have the usual ‘good looks’ but every girl fancied him. For a about a year we were mates and we both dated other people. We went on a couple of dates and had a great time but I had my eyes on someone else so we parted ways.

During the next four years, I got engaged to someone else and Malc dated a couple of girls but every six months or so we bumped into each other and the sparks flew again. We couldn’t take our eyes off of each other. We texted each other now and again but I was engaged and he was in a long term relationship.

This was until October 2003. I had been single for six months and at my lowest point. I was working in a bar part time just to get some money so I could rebuild my life and one Thursday night I was covering a shift when in walked the most gorgeous man I had ever seen…my Malc!

We sat talking all night and realised that we both really wanted to give it another go. Malc had also just split up with his girlfriend and I had a lot of personal problems so we decided to take things slowly.

We just couldn’t stay apart from each other. We had seven blissfully happy months and it felt like we were meant to be.

As usual we went out for our Friday night meal and Malc was unusually fidgety, but I just thought he was having a tough time at work. We had a lovely meal and chatted away. We then went for a drive as Malc was showing me places we used to go that I couldn’t remember.

We pulled up by a beautiful lake around midnight and got out the car. Malc started telling me how much he loved me… he stood in front of me and said ‘Now I can do this in peace. Jayne I loved you six years ago and I love you now… I will always love you… will you marry me?’ I couldn’t stop crying, somehow I managed to say yes and Malc cried too!

We sat by the car for hours listening to the sounds of the night and sniffling. He had a ring made with diamonds and amethysts set out like morse code to spell my name. I still get those butterflies in my stomach every time I look at him, I love him so much! The wedding is on 4 June 2005 – one year and two weeks after we got engaged! I can’t wait to become Mrs Jayne Norman.

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