Jeanne and Oloff Real Engagement Story

We’ve only been together for 9 months, but I just knew that he was the one.

Let me start from the beginning. I met Oloff in 1995 during my first year at Varsity. I never ever thought that 7 years down the line we’d be engaged. At that time I thought that he’d be the last person I’ll ever marry! They were a bunch of single guys roaming the town, bunking class and getting drunk. I just told myself: "Thanks, but no thanks…I deserve better!!" I kept in contact with him over the years (very sporadic, might I add). I did think he was cute and nice, and yes, he did excite me, but still, the thought of him as a student turned me off.

So, fast-forward to 1st of December 2001. By then he was a qualified lawyer and had grown up a bit. He was frantically looking for a date for his year-end function. All the girls he asked cancelled one by one. Desperate to find a date, he scrolled down his cell phone’s phonebook, and found my number. Seeing that my surname starts with the letter "P"….one can only imagine how desperate he really was!!! So, he found my number, remembered vaguely that I was cute and phoned. Bummer!! My number had changed, but he knew my girlfriend and phoned her up to get my number. He then phoned me and asked me if I could go with him to this function. Unfortunately I already had other plans, but told him that I’d double-check with my friend and that I’d get back to him. As fate would have it, my friend cancelled and I went with Oloff to his dinner party. It was love, lust and sparks at first site!!! I was totally freaked out, but we had a wonderful time and have been together ever since that night!

I still had to very gently coach him out of his bachelor habits…but wow!! I have the most amazing man on earth. I am eating and choking on every nasty word I’d ever uttered 7 years ago.

We started talking about getting married within the 1st month. I started sourcing ring-ideas about 2 months ago (July 2002) and he told me to start getting ready to go visit jewellers. I had a beautiful ring made and he fetched it on the 2nd of September 2002. His plan was to ask me on my birthday (17 September), but the ring burnt a whole in his pocket!

On the 6th of September we went out with a few friends and got a bit tipsy. At 11:30pm I told him that I wanted to go home, because I couldn’t stomach another drink! I was busy brushing my teeth in his bathroom when I heard him scuffling around in the bedroom. I ignored it. He came up behind me and gave me a huge hug. He then asked me to marry him, and as always (because he’s asked me before) I answered: "My love, I will say yes to a proposal the day you ask me!" He swung me around and said: "But I AM asking you!!!" And, cocky as I am, I told him that he must give me a week to ponder on this. His rebuttal, being a sharp lawyer, was to ask: "Is that a yes or a no??" I said: "It’s a yes!" We’ve been engaged for 2 blissful weeks!

We are planning to get married next year in April. We want to have a very private romantic tropical island wedding. Let’s hold thumbs that the friends won’t feel left out!!

I wish the same amount of luck (or fate), happiness and love upon all couples around the world!

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