Jenni and James Real Engagement Story

This is my engagement story. I thought I would send this in because it
is a little bit different.

James and I had been together for 3 years when we moved in together. I knew marriage was on the cards but (because he is over a year younger than me and I’m only 25) I never thought he was considering it yet and he had led me to believe that he wouldn’t even ask for a couple of years. It was June 2005 and I thought I would have a quiet birthday this year, so my sister and her boyfriend came over the day before, we had a few drinks and a game of Mario Party (you know how it is when you have to entertain 2 blokes with a mental age of 10 between them!) and at midnight everyone wished me a Happy Birthday.


I wasn’t going to get my presents until the next morning when I woke up, but I had been pestering James to let me open something at midnight. So he finally said, "OK then, but we’ll have to go into the loft." I thought that was strange but had asked for garden lights and thought he may have put them up there and was going to turn them on. When we got into the loft (which we had recently floored and cleaned since moving in) he turned some fairy lights on and told me to turn around. He had set out a table with roses and Champagne. There was a little pink bag with ribbons and a box inside, and inside that there was another box. As I was opening it, it finally struck me just what it was – and I was stunned. He then got down on one knee and I said, "Yes" straight away (and shed a few tears).

Later on, I phoned my parents (at about 1am) and told them the news, My mum was in bed I think and when I said "We’re getting married," asked "Who?" in sleepy confusion, but was thrilled once she had woken up! It also turns out that James had asked my dad for his permission at a family birthday party a couple of months before. It was funny because at the time I was annoyed at him for getting so drunk, but now I understand he was just nervous. Apparently he was more scared about asking my Dad than asking me!

I know it sounds a strange way to propose to someone but it was the most perfect and private way I could have hoped for (I hate big public shows of affection.) And to come downstairs and be able to share the moment with my sister and her boyfriend, who are our two best friends (and have agreed to be Maid of Honour and Best Man) was so special. I just hope the wedding day will be just as perfect.

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